iPad Pro 12.9″ Review: The Good, The Bad and Beyond

The good:- Stunning display.- Large screen is very enjoyable. Split screen is awesome. Totally different experience compared to smaller ipad.- Four speakers and surround sound is powerful and enhances user experience.- Apple pencil and the keyboard takes this tablet to the next level (of being a laptop contender)- It’s the fastest tablet on earth. It’s also faster than Macbook and Macbook Air. Multitasking is smooth. No choking.- Easy to set up and the screen size and graphics are great. I had mine up and running and installed my email on it and other apps as well very quickly. If you want to have a large view for reading watching a video, taking pictures, or just surfing the web.

The bad:- Heavy and not easy to hold due to large size. Especially holding it one hand is a challenge unless you are Arnold Schwarzenegger.- Battery life could be better. It’s not as bad as some other tablets but definitely not impressive.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro

Is this a laptop replacement?- It depends. If you are a power user that is doing heavy multi-tasking using several applications, trying to upload photos, editing videos etc. this machine handles all performance-wise however you still will keep finding yourself you wish you were on a laptop. It’s still much more easier and seamless on a laptop. On the other hand, if you just check emails, do social media and web browsing, edit photos etc. on your laptop, then iPad Pro will not disappoint you.

Should you get an iPad Air or iPad Pro?- It depends. If you want to carry your iPad around with you everywhere, I would go with the smaller iPad Air because it’s considerably lighter and more practical. If you will occasionally take it out and mostly use it at home or office iPad Pro is a better choice. Of course there is also money factor. iPad Pro is more expensive so you need to decide if it’s with it for you depending on how you plan to use it.

Do you need the Apple Pen?- Depends. If you are an artist then yes. If you are an average user that is just enthusiastic to draw on your ipad and want to take some notes, you don’t need to spend $100 on the Apple Pen as you will most likely use it a couple of times or not at all. Any cheaper stylus will do.Do you need a case for it?- Definitely. This is a big and heavy tablet. You will definitely need at least a back cover that can provide a drop protection. I don’t like thick and heavy cases but I also didn’t want a very thin case as I wanted protection. I opted for case and I’m quite pleased with it. It’s clear so it doesn’t cover up the beautiful iPad Pro, it adds grip, provides drop protection with air cushion corners and not too bulky.Why did I give 5 stars?- Because I love it overall. The experience is different than iPad Air for me.

Like any iPad from Apple, this is an excellent, precision tablet. Many people think that an iPad is just like any other tablet, but it just costs more. When you hear someone say that, you can be sure that person has never used an iPad. There used to be a slogan and Apple advertising that said “it just works”. Never before has there been such truth in advertising as that slogan. Apple’s products are one place where you get what you pay for. NOw that I have purchased this and the Apple Pencil and had time to play with both, I can say that The Apple pencil stands alone in terms of the precision and responsiveness when using it. There is virtually no delay on the screen. However, considering the price point of the iPad Pro 12, I think everyone would agree that Apple would have been better to price it a little fire and include the pencil then to expect their customers to shell out another hundred dollars for the stylus. Having to pay for the pencil separately and a $100 price point sticks with you and your mind and is the first time I have ever felt as though I was being fleeced by as though I was being fleeced by Apple. Not including the pencil with the iPad Pro to me would be the same thing as failing to include ear buds with the iphone. It is just an accessory that needs to be included, like Microsoft has done with the Surface Pro. Still, though, implementation of the Apple pencil with the Ipad pro is so flawless it tricks your mind into believing you are writing on paper.

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