Kindle Voyage User Review: THE Best Kindle Yet!

If you’re a dedicated reader and have a voracious appetite for good books then the upgrade to a kindle voyage is worth it and more!

Kindle VoyageI was coming from a second generation Kindle Paperwhite which I loved, but the increased resolution, thinner and lighter design, high-quality construction, edge-to-edge glass, and ambient light sensor were all reasons I upgraded. Just further perfects the reading experience. The nightlight and ambient light sensor are very welcome additions so that I don’t have to constantly adjust the brightness myself any longer.

One thing to note is the light sensor is in the upper left-hand corner of the frame on the Voyage. Be careful to not cover this with a finger or thumb or you will notice your screen darken even in a bright environment. Can be a minor annoyance if you’re not aware of this, but very easy to avoid once you know it’s there.

I went with the wifi only, special offers version and unless you don’t have broadband (and a wireless network) at your home or if you don’t frequent businesses or establishments which also offer free wifi there is no reason to get the 3G version. With most tablets or phones being able to become hotspots these days you can always use your phone or tablet as a wifi hotspot if you need to download some new books in a pinch. Save yourself some money and forego the 3G model. Also, save yourself some initial money and go with the special offers version. If you get tired of the adds you can always pay Amazon a one-time fee down the road to get rid of them. I did this on my last Kindle, but think I won’t do it on this one. I actually like some of the offers and they’re very unobtrusive. They only appear on the “sleep” screen and on the initial home screen. This is the way to do an ad-supported device right.

All-in-all I’m wicked satisfied with the Voyage and if you’re like me, you may own tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc. and I also still collect first edition hard-cover books, but for reading every day and ultimate portability nothing beats the pure reading experience like this kindle. Very little fatigue reading this in bed and I just love that it’s such a simple and seamless experience.

Yes, it’s way more money than any Kindle before, but it’s way more of a refined and high-quality product. The care is magnesium, the edge-to-edge glass is micro-etched to reduce glare. It’s very “apple” like in its attention to detail, material quality, and design. Which I think is a huge compliment! Amazon has to be losing on every one they sell hoping to recoup through ebook sales because the engineering and material costs alone would be way more than just $199. It was expensive internals and materials.

If you’re on the fence, get this Kindle! It’s worth the upgrade and if you’re a first-timer to the Kindle family and a dedicated book enthusiast and reader you won’t be disappointed.

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