All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016) Real User Review

All-New Kindle E-reader
Kindle 8th Generation

I got this as a gift and very impressed with the Kindle on the lower end of the spectrum. I have a Kindle Paperwhile, and though I cannot directly compare with it due to their different price points and specs, I will say of you have few more $$ go for the paperwhite. The 300 ppi on the paperwhite does make a difference compared to the 167 ppi on the New Kindle. If you are on a budget this is absolutely perfect. My only request to Amazon is to build a 9” or 13” Kindle. It has definitely a market! I have ordered the 13” Android ereader from Goodereader.

I don’t know why there are so many bad reviews. First of, let’s start off by pointing out the obvious, it’s under $100. You’re not going to receive a Kindle Paperwhite. Before you order, read the specs and compare it to the other Kindles. Yes, the specs say it doesn’t have backlighting so honestly, there shouldn’t be one ounce of surprise when you receive this. I on the other hand, love this little Kindle. I have had the new Kindle Paperwhite and I really didn’t like how big it was to hold in my small hands. I don’t have children hands, but I’m a female and my hands are on the small side. Maybe for a male this would be kind of small, Idk. Anyway, it is smaller than the Paperwhite, but I love that. I also love the fact that it doesn’t come with a light. I used to read at night with the Paperwhite, but that light gave me a headache so I stopped. It is NOT as dark as these bad reviews make it seem. You can read perfectly fine being indoors. They’re exaggerating. This feels more like a book to me than the Kindle Paperwhite ever did. The letters on this Kindle are amazing.

I don’t even notice the difference between ppi and I love that the letters are way darker than the Paperwhite. The paperwhite had a grey hue to them and I didn’t feel like I was reading a book. I felt like I actually holding a technical device to read a book. Of course since this doesn’t have a backlight, you cannot read in the dark. It’s common sense. If you want to read at night, purchase a little book light that are super inexpensive and attach it to your kindle. It’s not a big deal and you’re not going to break the bank buying a $119.99 item when you can buy this little awesome e-book reader for $79.99. Think about when the light runs out of your expensive other e-books… you will be back to square one and will either have to purchase a new kindle or buy a light for your expensive kindles. You can increase the letter size if you’re reading at night with indoor lights and you can read perfectly. It has airplane mode, web search, Goodreads, Amazon store, and bluetooth.

So far I haven’t had any issues at all. Pages have gone back and fourth perfectly fine. The bookmark tool works like a charm. I love it more than the kindle paperwhite. You can connect your Goodreads account on it, too. I actually use the bluetooth like a audiobook. It reads it for me! Yeah, it sounds a little robotic but it’s not anything that bothers me. I love how I can still download PDF documents into it and it opens and works AMAZING!

I honestly recommend this e-book reader to anyone that doesn’t want to spend over $100 on one. You will not regret it. You can change the size of the letters too if that makes you focus more. The battery lasts me a very long while as well. Disconnect it from the internet and bluetooth to save you battery.

Thanks Amazon for coming out with such an inexpensive E-book and it’s great for the price!! Love it 100%!

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