New Features of The 8th Generation Kindle

Kindle (8th Generation)
Kindle (8th Generation)

Heads up followers – all-new, high-end Kindle almost ready. 8th generation.

I can not recall the last time that I was so excited (or really excited in any way ) about a tech item release.

My very own first generation Kindle Paperwhite is dying.

If I do not restart it every day or two and then the Kindle OS crawls to a halt. The gadget is slow to go the the Home screen, slow to navigate to different functions, as well as slow to access the online book shop. And yes, my Kindle OS is updated.

A few of the features that I really hope to see on the new Kindle contain:

  • Faster page turning.
  • A higher resolution display screen (over 400 ppi).
  • A screen that is a bit larger than the current 6” model (maybe 7”).
  • An easier way to turn pages – like a really solid set of buttons – would be wonderful.
  • A general improvement in the speed of navigation for book browsing and through the OS settings.
  • A return of the text-to-speech function.
  • Enhanced built-in lighting.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Built-in reading analytics, so that I can get a picture of my own reading behaviors.
  • A thinner and lighter device.
  • Changes in the Kindle book shopping experience from the device, such as instant accessto my Wish List.

Kindle features that I do not care about:

  • A colour display screen.
  • Built-in social features.
  • Annotation abilities.

What would motivate you to purchase the new Kindle when it is released?

What exactly is on your Kindle wish list?

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