iPhone 7 Review: vs. iPhone 6S

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6
iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

I have both iPhone 6S and 7 and see some improvements.

The iPhone 7 is almost identical to the iPhone 6S, but as we all know, lacks headphone jack.

The improvements, that I’ve noticed so far are:

– better battery life

– slightly better photos (especially the ones in low light)

– faster processor

– water-resistant

– brighter screen

– louder sound

The thing that took me a while to get used to is a new home button that is not ‘clickable’ anymore. I must say I preferred the old button. Now, I have the feeling that the click is happening ‘inside’ the Phone, rather than on its surface. It works perfectly well though.

The lack of a headphone jack is a small con for now, since there’s no many lightning-compatible headphones yet. I hate the dongle so decided on buying the new headphones.

They are pricey, but work great. When testing Siri( turns on after double tapping on the earpiece), they pick up voice pretty well, although I tried to speak very clearly.

What is interesting, the audio pauses when you pop a headphone out when talking to someone – pretty nice feature.

The AirPods’ battery lasts for 5-6 h of continuous use, although the voice calls use more energy.

I’d recommend getting ones, since their quality is pretty good and they are easy to charge and store ( come with a case that recharges the pieces). The disadvantage is obviously the price… They’re also easy to loose.

Forget about using wired headphones and charging in the same time… Unless you want to get another adapter, that will give you 2 lightning ports… ( Offered by Belkin)

About the water resistivity:

That feature wasn’t meant to be tested but I accidentally dropped my phone to a sink with running water and it surviver…I wouldn’t recommend washing your phone when it gets dirty though…


Unfortunately, the iPhone7 doesn’t have the second lens( as the iPhone plus has), The selfie camera was improved though, and I see a difference between evening photos taken with iPhone 6S and 7.

The sound:

Significantly louder, stereo. (Could hear the music while doing my dishes).

The battery:

The new battery is much better. I can listen to the music almost all day long, browse the internet for a few hours, make couple of calls and use other apps without charging my iPhone7 in the middle of the day.

I also noticed that it takes less to fully charge the phone.

The Phone performance is quite faster. I feel it while editing pictures or playing games and stream music in the same time.

Overall, I’m happy with the purchase even though I have iPhone 6S. The battery life, sound and water resistivity were convincing enough to give a new model a try.

The con is that you must spend additional money on headphones (unless you want to use bangle or Lightning EarPods). The Apple’s wireless headphones are expensive, but definitely high quality.

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Super Mouse Glue Traps

Mouse Glue Traps
Mouse Glue Traps

Be careful when placing this trap. The glue is very sticky and sticks easilly to almost anything. If you mistakenly touch the sticky part when placing this, you’ll have a struggle getting the glue off your fingers. It’s mouse/rat trapping ability in undeniable though. I have had it catch up to two mouse in a night and have eliminated a whole nest of mice from a room in the house. The only draw back is it can be used only once. don’t try to remove the mouse and re-use. It will be a messy deal. it also sticks to ants, spiders and other bugs, so it tends to start looking a bit messy when out for a while even if it has caught no mice.

  • Excellent for capturing rats, mice and other household pests
  • Eugenol enhances stickiness
  • Non-toxic formula
  • May also be used for cockroaches, scorpions, spiders and most other pests
  • Ready to use

I am embarrassed to admit that I have mice in my house. I have no idea how they are getting in but these Tomcat Super Hold Glue Traps have been a lifesaver. The first day I set out two of the traps under a chair where I noticed mouse droppings. I put little pieces of peanuts in the middle of each trap. The next morning there were two dead mice on each of the traps. I disposed of the traps and set out two more. This time one of the the traps had moved halfway across my living room with a struggling, terrified mouse halfway stuck to it. I freaked out and called my neighbor. He came and put the mouse out of his misery (and me out of mine.) Meanwhile, the other trap was untouched so I believed my mouse infestation had been taken care of. Wrong. Two days later I found another dead mouse in the trap that had moved locations. I think the poor mouse dragged the trap across the room and then died from exhaustion. So far I have eliminated 6 mice from my house and I had to go out and purchase more Tomcat Glue Traps. So far there have been no more mice but I am keeping the glue traps loaded with peanuts just in case they decide to return. I have a little dog so I was afraid to use traditional mouse traps because I didn’t want the dog to get hurt. She hasn’t been interested in the glue traps at all, but to be on the safe side I slid them under a chair where the dog can’t reach. These glue traps have saved my sanity. I was completely unnerved about the thought of having mice in my home, but thanks to Tomcat my problem seems to have been solved.

These are very effective and the nice thing is that a lot of times you will catch 2 mice on one trap. I think once one is caught, others come to help it and get stuck as well.

The tricky part is sometimes one will only be half stuck on – as in, only the front legs or back legs and they try to scurry off with the trap attached to them.

All in all, I have had the best success using glue traps for the past 10 years or so. We tried using bait and poison for a few months and quickly learned that was a bad idea because you don’t know where the mice are crawling off to die at and when you start smelling rotted mice in your house, it is not a nice experience!

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Hands on Review 2016

Kindle PaperwhiteLets start for what this is all about. Its an ereader, eink has been around for awhile now. I’ve had one other ereader and it was a sony 6″ as well. Honestly at this point I don’t fully understand why the screens haven’t gotten a bit bigger. While easily readable on a 6″ screen, it would be nice to have something more ‘book like’ in size. In comparison my phone is a 5.5″ screen. So this is slightly bigger then the average modern smartphone. I also bought mine at Best Buy – same price and got it the same day.

What I like about this reader;

1.Back light, easy readable in all lighting conditions.

2. Eink, it really hasn’t gotten any better from older models to new models, 300ppi is nice but really I don’t think its something you’ll really care about or notice on plain text, graphics are another story. But really who would use this on a graphic novel?

3. Your own email to send ebooks to, its one of those nice things that is convenient. Send your book via email without having to mess with cords and such, from anywhere. I like that.

4. Dictionary. I am well read, but sometimes you come across a word that is just, unknown. The built in dictionary is handy in that regard.

5. Battery, it charges fast and so far holds it for a long time. Out of the box it had over half battery and I didn’t have to charge it for 2 weeks, even with heavy back light use.

What I don’t like. And I’ll start with what really prompted this review and why I am giving it a 3 star review.

1. The high jacking of you’re device and being held hostage with ads. Sure, you can remove them but you’ll pay amazon $20 to do it. Last I checked, I owned this thing and paid for it. Now, for awhile I didn’t really care about the ads, they were about books or some electronic device (battery banks and such). But what took the cake was the ad for Hefty trash bags – Hefty. Trash. Bags. My device is my device – not some ad platform that should be held hostage with a paywall to remove ads from a device I OWN. Now, I’ll be paying the ransom to remove the ads from my device because I really don’t want to see ads for trash bags ever again. Its honestly a desperate act by amazon to spam me with ads, and really it should not be like that. And no amazon, its not a deal to say its $99 with ‘special offers’ if those special offers are a means to thrust ads into my face every time I turn on my device. Because nothing puts you into the mood to read your favorite book then ‘Hefty trash bags’, yea no thanks. I’ve attached an image of the festive bags for reference.

2. Touch screen. Why is everything touchscreen? Sometimes my hand gets near the screen and I turn the page or go back inadvertently, the simple page buttons would be ever so nice. Granted you’d complicate the dictionary side of this, but honestly its a thing that can be overlooked.

3. The paper white really isn’t paper white. Its still grayish white and it bugs me that the ads/pictures for this clearly are making it look ‘whiter’ to other older models. It simply is not and looks like typical eink tech – the back light is what makes the screen ‘pop’ in my humble opinion.

4. Some of my ebooks required converting so that the kindle could open it. Not a problem, just get Calibre and convert to supported format – granted its one more step if you have your own ebook collection aside from your amazon ebooks.

Conclusion: Its a solid device with excellent battery and the back light is great, pay the extra to remove the ads and forgo the festive-santa-hat-wearing-trashbags. Because eventually your bound to get an ad on yours that makes you say ‘really, amazon?’.

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How to Save a Live Mouse from a Sticky Glue Trap


If you’ve come across a live mouse stuck to a sticky trap, you’ll discover quickly that these things are not designed to let go of the mouse. If you’re wanting to remove the mouse and release it into the wild without injuring it, you’ll need to find a kind way of loosening the mouse. Fortunately there are some good ways of doing this.

Don’t ever try to just pull the mouse off the trap without using one of the release methods. The glue on some of these traps can actually pull off hair and sometimes skin. It is easy to de-glove a mouse or rat tail with the trap glue.

Step 1: Place the mouse on the trap inside a plastic container

Place the entire trap, mouse, bait and all, in a clear plastic container that has surface dimensions a little greater than the sticky trap and that is at least 4 inches (10.2 cm) deep.

Wear rubber gloves if possible and keep your hands away from the mouse. Though mice are little and cute, they do have very sharp teeth and mice can carry disease and the bites hurt. A mouse can do some serious damage with its teeth, so even if you are using gloves, take care not to give the frightened animal a chance to bite.


Step 2: Pour a little vegetable oil over the mouse

Coat it very lightly, as well as coating the surrounding area of the trap. Use just enough oil, maybe a spoonful or two at most. Any sort of cooking oil works, but vegetable oil works best and tends to be the least expensive. The oil negates the sticky glue surface.

  • Never use any other kind of oil. In particular, do not use petroleum-based, synthetic or lubricating oils as these will kill the mouse.
  • Ensure that the mouse’s mouth and nose are not submerged in or covered by oil.
  • Cooking spray is a good alternative to vegetable oil. You can concentrate the spray only on the parts that are stuck without coating any unnecessary areas. Also, aiming the spray at those areas and soaking them causes an almost immediate release of the mouse without wearing it out and causing it to be further injured.


Step 3: Place the lid on the plastic container and lock it down

Wait and watch. The mouse should be able to work its way free of the trap in a few minutes. This can happen almost instantly if the critter is not stuck very well, so make sure you put the lid on as quickly as possible. If the mouse comes unstuck with the lid off, it will almost instantly hop out of the container and once again be free in your building.


Step 4: Rarely, the mouse will need a little help

If it has been stuck on the paper for a prolonged period of time, it can become weak and dehydrated. Also, the plastic tray version of the sticky traps can be very sticky, and the mouse may have trouble getting out, especially if its back legs are stuck together or its tail is submerged in the glue.

  • If this happens, use padded cloth, like an old potholder, to help get the mouse almost free. The cloth should be thick enough that you can’t get bitten through it but flexible enough that you can grasp the rodent with it.
  • When you have the animal mostly free, put the trap in the container and put the lid on and let the mouse do the rest of the work. This can take a few minutes.
  • Check to make sure no glue is covering the mouse’s nose. If there is any there, use a cloth to gently wipe it away. There should not be enough glue on the paper traps for this to be an issue, but could be a problem with the deeper plastic trays.


Step 5: Watch through the container to make sure the mouse is free

It should be able to move around, without its legs or tail stuck together. Once it is up and walking around, it’s time to release it outside. Don’t feel too rushed; there is an hour or so of air in the container, but not much more, so plan to have the mouse free within that time. Also, if you leave the mouse in the container for a longer time, it will start trying to chew its way out and damage the container.


Step 6: Take the mouse to a suitable environment, preferably a large field or wooded area, at least a mile from your building and away from other buildings.

Some rodent species have a daily range of close to a mile, so get them at least that far away, unless you want them to return.


Step 7: Set the container on the ground, preferably near some cover so the mouse can find a place to run to free of predators

Remove the top and take several steps back. The mouse should be able to hop out of the container. You may need to tip the container on its side a bit to encourage the mouse to leave.


Step 8: Clean everything well

Dispose of the old trap and bait in a sealed garbage can outside; the bait and trap can still attract mice and insects, but are now just a food source. Though generally clean animals, mice can carry a variety of diseases that can pose a risk to people and other pets (especially pet rodents), so it is very important to wash and disinfect the container and anything else used to catch and release the mouse. Disinfect and clean the areas where the mouse was living.


Step 9: Wash your hands very well


Step 10: Repeat the process

Where there is one mouse, there are usually more. Leave a few traps out in the same area for a couple of weeks. Keep repeating the process until you have not caught a mouse for a month. Watch for signs of new infestations and place new traps as soon as possible — mice breed really, really, really fast + several litters, as many as seven to 10, in a year.


Can the mouse trap be reused once the mouse is freed?

No, as most of the methods in this article suggest using water or oil to loosen the glue. Once that’s been done, the trap won’t be reusable.


Mouse Glue Traps Reusable Cockroach Bait Trap ARS Roach Trap Professional Cockroach Trap
Mouse & Rat Glue Traps Reusable Cockroach Bait Trap ARS Roach Trap Professional Cockroach Trap

TAGreat High-end Dog Clothes

Dog ClothesTAGreat is the best place in USA to purchase adorable, stylish clothes for your dog, according to the USA Press. For those who love to spoil their pets, this local store offers the finer things in life for little Fido fashionistas. A hot spot for canine couture, the shop has runway-ready party dresses, chic sundresses, rhinestone-studded collars, dapper doggie tuxedos and even USA Texans themed attire.

The boutique also has pet owners covered when it comes to storing the outfits and sells satin hangers and extravagant pet armoires.

“There’s no other pet stores like ours in USA, we have the gamut of stuff,” Jin Li said. “Everything you would ever need for your dog and cat (and) a huge amount of unique and interesting dog clothes and accessories.”

Cockroach Bait Trap – Security Environmental Protection, Reusable, Quickly Captured Cockroaches

Cockroach Trap — Security Environmental Protection, Reusable, Quickly Captured Cockroaches

Cockroach TrapCockroach trap is the latest research of the cockroach trap. Delicate appearance, mechanism design is clever, material thickness, the cockroach trap and firm, let the cockroaches have nowhere to go. Cockroach trap beauty and cheap items, reusable, use cockroach trap save money, also can let the bullying cockroach disappeared, use cockroach traps allows you to use at ease, with fun. cockroach trap is your best choice.

  • Cockroach bait trap house 10 sets in one box.
  • Trap large and small cockroaches all species, easy to use. Also for ants, spiders and other pests control.
  • ECO great for home with pregnant women, children, elder and pets, prevent roaches die at home and breed a lot of bacteria.
  • Place in corners of kitchen, bedroom, cupboard, sofa, cabinet, restaurant, office anywhere the roaches appear often.
  • Environmental protection, non-toxic, 3 months long last.

Cockroach catching manual:

1, First open safety helmet , and then open the upper lid, finally separate the middle layer and bottom layer.

2, Bait (cake, bread, cookies, sugar, sesame seeds, etc.) into the middle layer and bottom layer , and then the bottom layer , middle layer , upper lid, the safety cap is installed, and finally check whether the three aluminum doors have been closed

3, 3-5 days if no catch cockroaches, replace the bait and the local placement.

4, the cockroaches in water drowned, or exposure to the sun basked in ten minutes

Warm prompt:

1, such as catch one, two can not rush to deal with, cockroaches like to live in groups, the issue of signal, will trap more cockroaches.

2, cockroach trap is not placed in the activities of the ants, because it is afraid of ants.

3, before the cockroach unprocessed die, please don’t take them from the upper lid and safety helmet , prevent cockroaches to escape

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