Super Mouse Glue Traps

Mouse Glue Traps
Mouse Glue Traps

Be careful when placing this trap. The glue is very sticky and sticks easilly to almost anything. If you mistakenly touch the sticky part when placing this, you’ll have a struggle getting the glue off your fingers. It’s mouse/rat trapping ability in undeniable though. I have had it catch up to two mouse in a night and have eliminated a whole nest of mice from a room in the house. The only draw back is it can be used only once. don’t try to remove the mouse and re-use. It will be a messy deal. it also sticks to ants, spiders and other bugs, so it tends to start looking a bit messy when out for a while even if it has caught no mice.

  • Excellent for capturing rats, mice and other household pests
  • Eugenol enhances stickiness
  • Non-toxic formula
  • May also be used for cockroaches, scorpions, spiders and most other pests
  • Ready to use

I am embarrassed to admit that I have mice in my house. I have no idea how they are getting in but these Tomcat Super Hold Glue Traps have been a lifesaver. The first day I set out two of the traps under a chair where I noticed mouse droppings. I put little pieces of peanuts in the middle of each trap. The next morning there were two dead mice on each of the traps. I disposed of the traps and set out two more. This time one of the the traps had moved halfway across my living room with a struggling, terrified mouse halfway stuck to it. I freaked out and called my neighbor. He came and put the mouse out of his misery (and me out of mine.) Meanwhile, the other trap was untouched so I believed my mouse infestation had been taken care of. Wrong. Two days later I found another dead mouse in the trap that had moved locations. I think the poor mouse dragged the trap across the room and then died from exhaustion. So far I have eliminated 6 mice from my house and I had to go out and purchase more Tomcat Glue Traps. So far there have been no more mice but I am keeping the glue traps loaded with peanuts just in case they decide to return. I have a little dog so I was afraid to use traditional mouse traps because I didn’t want the dog to get hurt. She hasn’t been interested in the glue traps at all, but to be on the safe side I slid them under a chair where the dog can’t reach. These glue traps have saved my sanity. I was completely unnerved about the thought of having mice in my home, but thanks to Tomcat my problem seems to have been solved.

These are very effective and the nice thing is that a lot of times you will catch 2 mice on one trap. I think once one is caught, others come to help it and get stuck as well.

The tricky part is sometimes one will only be half stuck on – as in, only the front legs or back legs and they try to scurry off with the trap attached to them.

All in all, I have had the best success using glue traps for the past 10 years or so. We tried using bait and poison for a few months and quickly learned that was a bad idea because you don’t know where the mice are crawling off to die at and when you start smelling rotted mice in your house, it is not a nice experience!

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