Nillkin iPhone 7 Plus Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case Review

nillkin-iphone-7-plus-qi-wireless-charging-receiver-caseI was searching for a Qi & PMA case for my iPhone 7 Plus to use in my 2016 GMC Denali Sierra. The dealership offered me an aftermarket case at the time I purchased the truck but I was unimpressed with it. Their case he showed me was a white, hard glossy, plastic case (it may have also come in black) which I was totally not interested in since I was use to having an Otterbox Defender with a clip. Truthfully, I didn’t examine their case very closely at all since I knew right away that I just couldn’t pay money for such a case even though it would work wirelessly in my truck. My next search led me to my local Verizon super store which I was confident they would have a more “suitable” case for me. Boing! Was I wrong. As most of you probably already know, there isn’t an Apple IPhone QI & PMA case or any that is approved to be sold by Verizon. I knew Amazon carried such a product because I had searched for it before I bought the truck. Anyway, the Verizon assistant said he was sure that I would not find a Qi case locally in any stores such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart so I didn’t waste my gas or time going to any of those stores. That evening I logged into Amazon and started searching iPhone 7 Plus Wireless charging adapters and cases. After spending considerable time reading reviews for various methods and brands of Qi + PMA devices, I ruled out trying to buy an adapter to use with my Otterbox case. (Which bothered me because I love the protection and the clip provided). Of all of the product reviews that I read, the Nillkin case seemed to have the highest ratings and greatest success working with GMC Denali vehicles. In their description, they recommended not using the adapter but rather the case for use in GMC vehicles and GM cars. The price for the was more then the case offered by my dealership but I liked the appearance in the pictures on Amazon better, plus, I liked the idea that you could use a hard wire charging cable to charge the iPhone 7 Plus without removing the case! The one offered by my GMC dealership required you to remove the case, which we all know, most cases are not designed to be removed on a daily basis. I was concerned about the nub at the end of the that has to be unplugged to connect a lightning charging cable. Many past reviews showed that the nub, that’s connected to a filament, would break when unplugging it for a cable connection. Reading more reviews on that subject, I found that Nillkin had corrected that issue. I’ve had my for a week now and I remove the nub every night for charging via my IPhone cable. I carefully unplug the nub and have not had any issue with it at all. I love the fact that the case is a matte black molded type rubber style case that seems like it would afford some protection in a drop. I love even more that the case fits the iPhone 7 Plus very well and that it does hook up immediately when placed in the wireless tray of the console of my GMC Denali Sierra P/U!!! After all, as a consumer, that was the most significant reason in buying a QI & PMA case. The quality of the meets and even exceeds my expectations. The test will be how long it holds up considering the cost factor. The only thing I miss is my pant/belt clip.


There is something that I want to mention. Others have mentioned this in their reviews also. Nillkin makes note of this as well in their product information. When placing the in the GMC Denali Sierra wireless charging tray, the top of the IPhone must be facing rearward towards the backseat. I have included some photos to help illustrate such positioning. I place the nub right over the GMC wireless charging strip. You know when you have the IPhone in the correct position because the lightning bolt symbol will appear near the top on your infotainment screen. Note, my photos. Also, don’t make the mistake I did, when I first tried out my new in the charging tray. (I didn’t have the key turned to start). You must have your ignition either in the accessory or start positions to charge wirelessly!!!

That pretty much concludes my Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Case review. I have no issues with their case. I can’t speak for other GM and non GM vehicles but I’d assume that the would perform remarkably well with those models also.

I highly respect, appreciate, and recommend the case for its described qualities. My iPhone 7 Plus works perfectly well in my GMC Denali Sierra.

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