Best Mouse Snap Trap

I have a vole infestation in my back yard and decided to try these. I set all six with peanut butter as bait at the hole openings. Within an hour or so I had two and reset the traps by the next morning I had two more and reset them. I check after work when I got home I had one more and had two traps that were sprung with no vole. I think that was more my fault than a tricky vole, I think it was more the careless way I laid the trap in the vole run. Not sure if this will eradicate them since voles procreate so often but it makes a great hobby. These traps are perfect for mice or voles. Ignore the bad reviews completely they don’t know what they are talking about.fe34654215b0dfb3f6dffd45d555113f-image-400x480

  • state-of-the-art mechanical trap, it sets with one hand in one easy motion — as easy as opening a clothespin.
  • Add Provoke Mice to make these traps twice as attractive.
  • Use High Quality Mini Snap Trap alone or in pairs with the opening toward the wall.
  • Place the trap along walls where mice travel, in cupboards or whereever mice are present.
  • Simply pinch the two ends together to release the mouse and the trap is automatically reset to be used over and over again.

My mouse traps came in timely manner and looked very well built. They are extremely easy to bait, just unscrew the bait holder from the bottom and fill up with peanut butter. They are also extremely easy to set, either with your hand or even stepping on it with your foot. In a few minutes you can bait and set all 6 around the house.

At first I was dubious that I needed 6 traps but have found that this is the perfect number for determining where the mice are coming from. By careful placement and observation of which traps are eaten from you can identify the main entrance/exit and hopefully seal it up.

The main issue I have with these traps is that the sensitivity of the trigger mechanisms is inconsistent (very similar to many of the old snap traps I’ve owned). I’ve been using the traps for 6 months and I have been carefully marking the traps every time they are 1) eaten from but don’t snap, 2) eaten from snap but don’t kill and 3) eaten from snap and kill. Of my six traps only two of them have proven to be (out of the box) sensitive enough to kill. Now that I know where the mice are getting in I have them all set up in a row and several times all of the dud traps have been cleaned out while one of the two good traps catches the offender. I have been toying with the idea of putting some peanut butter on the dud trigger platforms to weight them down and make it more sensitive but I haven’t tried that yet.

With all that said I’ve been extremely very happy with these traps. After years of working with the old snap traps I had just gotten sick and tired of the pain of setting the damn things and having the spring off when I was putting them in place. That or having them easy to set and never catching a mouse. The great thing about these traps is that if they are sensitive enough to catch a mouse (and I got 2 out of 6 that were) they are still easy to bait and set.

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