Best Mini RC Drone 2017

I purchased this as a gift for my son. I decided to buy this one because he doesn’t have a smartphone so I needed something for him to play with without using that technology. He absolutely loves it it is very simple for him to fly. Him and his sister fight over it all the time. It is brightly colored and easy to find when we fly It Outdoors. Because of it says it does not need to be registered in New York state. This is what I was told by the registration agency.

  • Fun to Play: the mini rc drone can 3D flip and the colorful LED lights make your flying full of fun.
  • One Key Return: When starting the function of one key returning without other operations, the uva drone will automatically come back to you.
  • Headless Mode: enable any level of players to fly the drone easily. And protective frame can make your drone more durable.
  • Stable Flight: 2.4GHz technology and 6-axis stabilization system for anti-interference and smooth flight.
  • Flying time: 5-8 mins; Charging time: 30-50 mins; Effective Operating Range: about 100 ft(30m).
Best Mini RC Drone

I had a big drones before with camera and we really had so much fun playing with it. But sad to say it got broken and didn’t last long and we couldn’t afford to buy same kind again. So I decided to try this mini drone as it has good reviews and of course affordable for us. My husband was so excited and he tried it right after we received it. This drone is really nice and works great. My husband didn’t have any problem flying it since he’s already used to the big drones we had. This is so cute and so fun. It has strong power and my husband was able to flip it and do some tricks like what he always do in the big drone. The battery life is not bad but we might need to buy extra batteries for longer time to play and they are only cheap. It comes with the accessories like blades and charger too. The blades has guards so it can hit the ceiling or walls without getting damage not unless you stepped on it. This is one of my favorite time to bond with my husband and 4 year old son in spite of a very busy day. Well made little drone.

How much more fun can you have for $20? This thing is stable, handles great, and pretty quick. I modded the drone to accept a bigger lipo and I have been playing with it every single day for over two months. The only issue is it won’t fly well outside. Because of its size and weight, any little wind will make it impossible to control, but inside the house, this thing is a BLAST. If you only have a few bucks you can spend on a little RC fun, this is what I would get, hands down.

Click to check the current prices: JJRC Mini 6-Axis RC Helicopter Drone


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