3 Best Amazon Fire HD 8 Cases (2016, 6th Generation)

Amazon Fire HD 8 is the 2016 8-inch tablet from Amazon. Yes, Amazon Fire HD 8 (2016) is thicker than its predecessor. What’s more, the position of the headphone jack is different. It makes it impossible to cross-use shell cases. There is still a chance to utilize the old cover that uses elastic corner straps to hold the device in place. However, you may find it difficult to put the 2016 model inside. Remember, it’s thicker, not thinner, than the 2015 Fire.

Butterfly Flip Cover Case for Fire HD 8 (6th Generation, 2016)

Butterfly Flip Cover Case for Fire HD 8
Butterfly Flip Cover Case for Fire HD 8

It is thin and does not add too much thickness to the HD 8. It has a soft plastic feel that provides great grip. Provides 3 usable viewing angles, 1 good typing angle and the triangular base also serves as a handle to hold the tablet.

If you are thinking of getting a black HD 8 and a black cover, rethink the tablet color. The only parts visible are button/headphone/charging edge and small cut outs for speakers. This cover in black effectively makes your Kindle black. It would be nice to have a splash of color.

The only questionable construction note is the cover/handle moves independently of the tablet. The movement is not enough to expose the usable screen. Not a deal breaker, just an observation

Great unit at such a phenomenal price. My first one lasted over (3) years with daily usage and it still works fine but there was wee bit of separation of materials along 2″ of one of the edges which is completely understandable after that much use i.e.thousands of times. I could have used my old one for another 1-2,000 times but at these prices just thought it a treat to upgrade. I look forward to new designs coming out (hopefully periodically) because at these prices one can enjoy a new look even though structurally it will still be functioning just fine and look like new.

Would highly recommend this cover.

Shockproof Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 (6th Generation, 2016)

Shockproof Case for Amazon Fire HD 8

I just got this item yesterday and put my Kindle in it today. So far I like it. It does not have a closable cover, the only thing I find that I really like about the other cover I had. It does have a protective screen, which is why I wanted to try this one. It’s hard to put on and does not come with any instructions so at first you might worry you’ll break it trying to open it to put the Kindle inside. I’ll update my review after I’ve used it for a bit and read my Kindle while using it. But so far I’m enjoying it. I do think it’s perfect if kids will be using your Kindle. I would recommend it for Kid used kindles that will also be used by adults.

So far so good. One of the things that worried me about the new fire hd8 is the fact that it is so thin and slippery. With this case on it takes care of the thinness and also adds grip. Putting on the case was not hard at all, but I am familiar with installing full cases on other tablets. The front is a hard plastic that has a screen protector attached to it. This goes over the front of the tablet and hugs the sides of it. Around the back and over the sides goes the softer plastic rear cover. This cover is hard and not flimsy at all. After I put it on I felt much more at ease giving the tablet to my 4 and 3 year old without worrying that they might break it. The kick stand is also a nice addition and adds a movie or typing mode to the tablet. Over all I am very well satisfied with this cover. Also, I would like to add that I did NOT get this product for free. I purchased it with my own funds. When doing research for a case for my tablet one of the reasons why I decided on this one is because it adds corner protection, is not ugly and is affordable. There were some very nice looking flip cases where you slid the tablet in and it closes like a book, but none of those adds corner protection.

Leather Standing Case for Fire HD 8 (6th Generation, 2016)

4e6ea88f4f375b8cf325b4e38ca4f75e-image-220x264When I first got my Kindle Fire HD 8, I knew I would need a case for it but just could not see myself paying over a third of what the Kindle cost me just for the Amazon case. So I looked for an alternative. After reading reviews until I was cross-eyed, I settled on the TAGreat.

The case arrived in a nice package which was shipped in a padded envelope. I opted for the black case. The description does not say what it is made of but for $16 I doubt it is real leather however it does have the look and feel of leather. It seems substantial enough to provide good protection but is still slim enough that it does not feel bulky even in a bag, briefcase or backpack.

It took a minute to figure out how the Kindle went into it as there were no instructions but once I got it figured out, it fit perfectly. The flap on the left side folds under and is secured by velcro. You have to flip this out, slide the Kindle in and re-fold it back. Once in place, the Kindle is held securely in place. All the buttons, earphone jack and the micro SD card expansion port are easily accessible. The cut-outs for the two speakers are precisely in line with the Kindle so the sound is not affected. The size and built in strap makes it easy to hold. Once the cover is folded back to form the stand, the Kindle easily remains upright. The case does not interfere with my ability to type no matter if I am just doing web searches or creating text documents. When the case is closed the Kindle goes into hibernate mode and promptly comes out of it when opened.

This is functional case which performs as designed and good value for the price.

TAGreat.com offers you a wide array of the latest and best Fire HD 8 2016 Cases.

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