LG G6 Review: Better than the Note 4 and S7

I love the phone, the camera done very good job during our trip to Omaha Zoo and the Aquarium.


I have had the phone for 5 days now coming from Galaxy note note4.

The Galaxy note 4 is solid phone and one of the best phones in the market. Moving from Note 4 to LG G6 was a good move. It will take you a day or two to get used to the 18:9 ratio.

18:9 screen ratio means that tge screen is little taller and a little thinner.

The LG G6 has many great features, I will start with pro and cons while comparing it to note 4, Galaxy S7 and S8.


1- LG G6 boost a good camera that is good as and if not even better than Note4 and Galaxy S7. Taking photos In the day light or strong indoor lighting the camera has done very well. But the low light photos suffered some noise. I would say S7 and S8 may somewhat better than LG G6 in low light shooting. But, you are able to get better pictures with LG G6 if you use the manual shooting feature under settings.

2- screen is stunning and smooth. May be it is not as bright as the Galaxy S7 and the Note4 but the screen is bright enough for the daily use.

3- the colors are true and better than Note4 when playing High Def video on YouTube.

4- my favorite features in LG G6 is the thumb security scanner in the back, with split second I’m able to unlock my phone without the need to try to swipe multiple times like Note 4. It is fast accurate and once you setup you will never go back to pattern and security code

5- the phone is fast and very light and the battery last longer than the Note 4 and S7, also it does not become as hot as the Note 4 when watching a movie for couple hours or playing video games.


I hope LG will make the camera little sharper and better in low light.

The screen could be a little brighter.

The LG G6 is one of the best phone in the market and is better in everyway than the Note 4 and S7. I’M m very happy with my move from Note 4 to LG products.

Good Job LG

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