Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

First off, I BOUGHT these earbuds at full price of $24.99. In fact I bought two (explained below). I did not get these at a discount or for free in return for my review… what I say below is totally spontaneous and true, no gilded edges, no embellishment, no BS.

Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Disclaimer: THE NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT ANY EARBUD is how to get the proper seal within your ear. This is done by selecting the best fitting “gasket” from the different sizes furnished. You must have the tightest fit possible without causing discomfort. If you choose one that is comfy because it is too small, you lose your bass response and they don’t stay in your ears as well. Size them with care and diligence so you get a tight seal but not so tight they hurt… there’s your bass. It’s true of any earbuds.

NOTICE: I have tried to explain in two places below how to put these in your ear. People who don’t read instructions or reviews will never catch on, but make sure you DO read it. I put one of the explanations at the very end of the review so it’s easy to find without reading all of the long winded review.

Bought these for my wife. Paired up instantly (once I’d read the tiny instructions). Listened for 5 minutes and ordered a pair for myself. Best buds I’ve ever heard, and I have MANY. Bass rocks (if you have one and it hasn’t got bass, you don’t have them in your ears properly). Absolutely clear, phone works perfectly by pausing the music and announcing the number calling you. Volume and fwd/back will take some practice, but they do work. Range is about 7 meters, but that’s fine because the phone can stay in my pocket or on the table/desk. When using it with my desktop computer, if I get up from my computer desk and walk out the door, through the MBR and into the kitchen, it starts reporting “Out of range” intermittently until i get far into the kitchen. When I get to the coffee maker, the signal is gone, but it returns as I am walking back through the bedroom to the office. If it’s a football game, at least I keep up with most of what’s happening… if it’s an action movie, I just pause it before I go for coffee.

My wife will use these for her million calls a day and listen to music on her two phones… wirelessly. For me it is more complicated because I watch TV entirely on my computer, plus I use e-cigs… so I have toooo many wires at my desk. This will UNcomplicate that situation.


1. They will be hard to insert into your ears the first few times, then you will learn the positioning. Put the Xiaomi lighted bud into the right ear, wire pointing down, the other into the left. Lock by holding the little horns, then pull the horns forward until the wing tab goes under the big lumps at the bottom of your ears… you will feel when it is in the right place. The wing tabs are flexible, so it’s easy to remove the buds without hurting the buds or your ears, and if you somehow snag the wire it’s not locked so tight it hurts when the bud pops out of your ear. They are just enough so that movements when doing things like jogging or exercise don’t easily dislodge them. I like this system better than the big wings used by most earbud manufacturers.

2. Opening the charging port is hard at first… just dig your nail into the top and pull it upward. I keep a little jeweler’s screwdriver near the usb charge source that I can carefully stick under the bottom edge in case my nails have been filed too short.


1. Instead of the little switch for volume and skip forward/back having tiny braille bumps, please put a large enough spike or tab on it so it’s easy to find and press up or down.

2. The cover for the charging port is very difficult sometimes. I’m hoping it will get easier, but I worry that I will get so frustrated I actually pull the thing off. It shouldn’t be hard to make it thick enough to get a thumbnail under the bottom edge… possibly even a little groove there to help get a grip on it.

You are not likely to be unsatisfied with these MAGNIFICENT Bluetooth Buds. I am totally tickled with them.

UPDATE 6/14/16: Six months later I have a lot to say, but I’ll boil it down as much as possible. My wife never became fond of her pair because she only used them with her phone and decided the advantages over her wired set was not enough to warrant the hassle of the Bluetooth. As for me, I use these daily, probably an average of 3 hours a day, because we both use our computers here in the office and sometimes don’t want to have to hear whatever the other is doing. MY SET IS STILL JUST AS GOOD AS THE DAY I BOUGHT IT! I have no issues at all with it. Plus now, of course, I have a backup set since my wife doesn’t use hers… but I have yet to need it. For me, this headset is a great liberator, great sound, ability to get up and move around the room, answer calls, watch movies on my desktop PC, etc.


1. The earbud with the lights on the back goes in the RIGHT ear.

2. Look at the angle of the output spout that goes into your ear. That should be inserted so that it points toward the FRONT of the ear.

3. Look at the plastic retaining loop IN THE PICTURE here on Amazon. It is pointing toward the rear and just a little up… maybe at 10 o’clock.

4. Insert the output spout into your ear CANAL as deeply as is comfortable. The soft white plastic cushion should make good contact in the ear canal. If it is loose, put in a bigger one from the ones supplied. If it is too tight or uncomfortable, put in a smaller one. Having the best fit is very important for bass response.

5. ROTATE the units FORWARD so that the loop at the back goes behind the big lump at the bottom of the ear… this is what provides a little protection to keep them in place. By “forward” I mean the horn that has the wire coming out goes forward, which would be clockwise for the left ear and counterclockwise for the right ear.

With these installed as above, I can nod or shake my head as hard as my brain can stand and they NEVER fall out. Running has never caused them to come out. Maybe different ears are made differently, but the system seems simple and effective to me.

Good Luck… I love mine.

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