Oneplus 5 Hands-on Review

Oneplus 5 ReviewGet phones that don’t completely work and speak to support that don’t completely have technical skills that also don’t completely believe your issues and offers next to no troubleshooting steps. This results in your issues never being resolved and then getting stuck with a phone that doesn’t completely function. Buy from that company again because you want to support their ’cause’ Then get treated like a liar again. So you just pay money to return the new phone that has the same issues.

I bought a oneplus 5 because I thought I may have better luck with it than I did with the oneplus 3 that I bought a year or so ago. I currently still have that oneplus 3 and am typing this review on it. It has mild battery issues, and no matter the APN settings I have tried- I cannot get over 4.4Mbps on ATTs LTE network. These aren’t huge issues as I generally dont need the higher speeds and carrying a charge isn’t a huge burden. But id prefer to not have these issues.

I bought the oneplus 5 hoping that these issues would no longer be present. I was wrong. I bought from Oneplus again because I liked what I thought oneplus stood for.

The OP5 will also never hit over 4.4 Mbps even standing in an ATT building- right next to my girlfriends iphone thats getting 15-25Mbps. The OP5 also gets about the same battery life to my OP3, try to browse the internet for 40 minutes in the morning with the screen set to almost unreadably dim and you’ll go from 100 to 70%. Then see where you are right after lunch. It gets tight sometimes on your way home.

Though none of this is really my issue or why I choose to give this phone two stars.

I had contacted oneplus numerous times to resolve these issues with my oneplus 3. They will not let you speak to a technician. You will interface with their techs through a non-technical tier 1 associate. Basically a person who can read a script and handle typing what a person says and relaying it to the next tier. They were very nice but you never apeak with anyone with actual technical knowledge. Communication with them was slow and I remember they beat around the bush and really offered no answers and would tell me they were aware of these issues and new updates were in the works that would fix them. no update have fixed the issues and I would have most likely returned the OP3 but went past the returnable date due to promises that were never corrected. Then it was “send it to us at your cost and we will see if your issue is covered under warranty” which means I’m without a phone for weeks and may end up paying for whatever they do to the phone. This I could not do. No other options were offered or rendered and I just dealt with my choices on the OP3.

So this time around with the OP5 its the same song and dance. Non-technical associate wanting me to send an email so they can then forward that email to the techs who will then send them an email back with the same answer “were workin on it.”

There are no real troubleshooting steps offered besides suggesting a factory reset and clearing of app data. Which makes no sense on a brand new phone, though I did with no positive result.

Though yet again, this still isn’t what got me the most.

They started by asking me for screenshots.

Before they ever offered me troubleshooting. They needed screenshots of my APN settings and also proof of the speedtest from 2 apps. To me this is their failure.

They are basically calling me a liar.

I begged for some settings documentation or something that I could go through and checksum and troubleshoot on my own- instead of weeks of emailing.

Then I offered numerous times to go through the APN settings with them right then on the phone or to link them the page I obtained my settings from. They needed actual screenshots from me.

My initial response is that I could easily send them anyones screenshots and they’d never know the difference, so whats the point?

To me, they were (knowing or unknowingly) doing the same thing they had done to me before. Which is in my opinion to wear me down to the point that I just give in or give up.

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