Anti Bite Duck Mouth Shape Dog Muzzle Mouth Cover

Cute Duck Mouth Shaped Dog Muzzle
Cute Duck Mouth Shaped Dog Muzzle

I absolutely love this product. I have a mini-scnoodle who yaps with the verocity of an 11-pound seceda. We have tried spray bottles, yelling, timeouts, spray collars, tingle collars, and even guilt trips. Nothing gets through to our yapping bundle of joy.

This adorable beak has liberated her from the yappjng to express her anxiety! She actually gets excited to put if on because she has associated positive reinforcement with her beak. Instead of us exasperatedly crying and screaming for her to stop torturing us with the constant barking, she prances around and has positive interactions with the world around her.

This beak has changed our families relationship with our beloved, Lucy, and allowed her to show off the amazing personality she has always had within. Thank you so much!

Initally I felt bad for muzzling her but there are so many benefits!

Whether you have an aggressive dog or not, it’s a good idea to get them accustomed to wearing a muzzle. There are many situations where it can be useful or even required, and preparing your dog in advance can make a big difference in how he reacts.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a dog muzzle.

1.Keep People and Animals Safe

Rehabilitation of aggressive behaviors doesn’t happen overnight, so a muzzle can be an important tool as you go through the process. But it’s also a valuable tool if you have a new dog and aren’t sure how she will react in a new situation, such as a dog park.

The key, though, is to ensure that the muzzle is seen as a calming tool to your dog and isn’t contributing to or creating anxious energy.

2.Help Others Feel More Relaxed around Your Dog

One problem that aggressive dogs face in rehabilitation is the nervous and fearful energy that people tend to exhibit around them. Certain breeds may also experience this reaction due to stereotyping, whether or not they have ever exhibited aggressive behaviors.

The negative energy that other people give off can actually trigger the aggressive behavior. Avoid “Hannibal Lecter” style muzzles, and instead find a muzzle that sends a positive, more uplifting message to others, like Cesar’s Funny Muzzle. This can help alleviate some of the problem.

3.Help You Feel More Relaxed

An even bigger influence on your dog’s behavior is your own energy. Knowing that your dog is unable to bite due to the muzzle can help you to maintain your calm, assertive energy, particularly if you’re confronting a new situation.

4.Travel Abroad Together

In many countries, dogs of certain sizes or breeds are required to wear a muzzle by law. If you are planning foreign travel with your pup, look into laws in that country, and prepare your dog in advance.

You shouldn’t rely on a muzzle as a solution to any behavioral issue. Seek the help of a canine professional to figure out how it can best fit into your dog’s rehabilitation strategy.

This funny muzzle makes everything better!

I paid full price for this item. If my review was helpful, please indicate so. I’m a housewife and I love feedback that reflects a good job done!

If you need one, click here to order: Dog Muzzle


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