LG G6 Hands-on Review

The LG G6 is the closest to a perfect phone I’ve ever seen.

All LG improvements are great: the 18:9 size, camera, dual lens, battery life etc.

LG G6 Hands-on Review
LG G6 Hands-on Review

What hasn’t been advertised are the improvements to the dual SIM software (compared to the V10 dual sim) which finally make it useful and simple to use. Easy switching sims for outgoing calls, answering on the same sim received, allocation of sims to data, etc.

This is the unlocked Asian model (H87ODS). Mine was originally sold in Singapore and came preloaded with a ton of Singtel carrier bloatware, which can thankfully be uninstalled. It is indeed unlocked but limited to only GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile so it will not work on Sprint and Verizon networks. Right out of the box, network settings default to 3G but 4G LTE can be activated by simply going into settings and selecting LTE as your prefferred network. Please note that you will have to do this every time after the phone has been powered off or rebooted which some people, myself included, can find pretty annoying.

Because this device is the Asian model, a Hifi audio Quad DAC is included in place of the wireless charging. Note that wireless charging is only included on the North American/US model which omits the Hifi Quad DAC. Another difference is in storage capacity with 64GB on this model and only 32GB on the US model, both of which can be expanded upon via microSD card up to 2TB.

I personally prefer the amoled displays made popular by Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones but this IPS display is itself pretty stunning to look at. Like the Galaxy S8, the G6’s display abandons the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio in favor of a newer 18:9 ratio which makes the screen look taller when handled vertically. Measuring in at 5.7 inches diagnally, the new taller aspect ratio makes it feel like you’re holding a phone with a traditional 5.2 inch display as opposed to a giant 5.7 inch phablet. Feels great in hand and very easy to grip even with the shiny fingerprint loving glass back.

While i don’t take a whole lot of pictures or video, i can say that the cameras on the G6 are pretty amazing. There are 2 13-megapixel main cameras on the back; one with a traditional lens and the other with an incredible 125 degree wide angle lens. Again i’m not the most knowlegable when it comes to camera technolgy (or technology in general) but the few pictures i have taken with either camera look very pleasing to my eyes. A 5-megapixel camera adorns the top left corner of the front and is capable of taking some very nice pictures too.

If there is one area i have to be critical of, its the battery life. The 3,300 MaH battery is a sizeable one on paper but in reality its just average. i struggle to get more than 4 hours of screen on time almost every time. 4 hours might be pretty good for some people but if you’re a heavier user, you may be disappointed. Standby time however is very good, which is to be expected with Android Nougat’s battery optimizations. I leave it at 100% overnight and wake up 8 hours later to 100% on a regular basis. Despite my reservations, I still make it through a whole day pretty regularly with about 20-30% at the end of the day. With light usage, you could probably do better. Fast charging is available, just keep in mind that if you’re importing this device, you may not get a compatible charging brick out of the box.

I’m not a professional phone reviewer but i wanted to cover all the things i felt was most important to me and to you. I know i left alot of things out and i apologize. I hope this review can help you in your decision to either buy or not to buy.

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