Best Water Dispenser for Pet

Water Dispenser for Pet

Whenever you are out with your companion, carry the gulpy. You might be just fine, but with a flip of the wrist you can give your best friend a fresh drink of water. Sure to please the thirsty one..

  • Will also accept standard water bottles
  • Convenient belt clip on back
  • Just flip to open — flip to close

Water Dispenser for Pet

I researched all the different types of portable water bottles for dogs and chose this particular one because it was the most popular. However, it was confusing to make a decision because this product received many outstanding reviews and also, very very negative ones. Since the bottle only cost $5.99, I figured it was worth trying it out. Many reviewers reported that this bottle leaked. I tested this out on the bottle I received, shaking it vigorously upside down and determined that this bottle does NOT leak. As one reviewer pointed out the bottle is very TINY. It’s not tiny, but small. The description, though, by the company is NOT accurate. This is not a 10-ounce bottle. I measured a full 8 oz. cup. I think it is essential that you determine EXACTLY what purpose you want this dispenser to serve. This is DEFINITELY not the right size for a medium to large dog. Nor, is it suitable for a long, vigorous hiking trip, simply because this size doesn’t carry the amount of water a dog would need on an extensive hike. However, for my purposes it works beautifully! I have three Welsh corgis; the two males are about 26 pounds eacj, and the female, about 22 pounds. For our daily one hour walk in moderate temperatures (70’s) there was plenty of water for each of them. I am rather petite and don’t want to lug around a heavy bottle of water and this relatively small size is a perfect weight when filled. The clasp fits snugly and securely into the top of my jeans. I think the design is very clever and is very easy to use. The tray opens up and all you have to do is squeeze the bottle to put water in the tray. My female corgi was fascinated by the way the water squirt into the tray and thought it was a great game. I did not have any problems with the hinge being too flimsy as some reviewers remarked. The water dispenser is well constructed and durable. I would highly recommend this particular water bottle for walks with small breed dogs, but definitely not on HOT days (who would take a small dog out on a very hot day, anyway?) All in all, an excellent product and well worth the money.

If you need one, click here to order: Pet Dog Travel Water Bottle Dispenser



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