Best Remote Control RC Battle Tank

Get ready to wage war with these Infrared Battle Tanks. They are controlled by a simple transmitter that lets you rotate the gun and fire a cannon. Once firing, the tank roars and sends an infrared beam signal attacking the opponent. Once hit by the laser, tanks become damaged, indicated by the flashing lights. Makes a great toy for adults and children of all ages. Get yours today and battle with a friend. 4 LED Indicators for your “Lives”. Every time you get hit you lose a life Full Size – Up to 30cm in length! Awesome sound effects: Ignition, Engine, Cannon Fire, Machine Gun Fire and Impact. Rechargeable 4.8V NI-CD battery, Battery for the controller: 2pcs AA Forward & backward, speed up, turn left & right, universal spin, the barrel moves up and down 30° the turret turns 320°, automatic demonstration function and infrared combat functions. With sounds.

m1a2-abrams-usa-rc-battle-tank-5I was lookng for a birthday RC Toy for my grandson. Something other than video games. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for in the begining. Radio Controled cars, boats just didn’t seem to be the thing. Not interactive enough to play with his friends. When I stumbled across these R/C Tanks I started to get excited. I read the reviews and the price was right so I ordered the tanks.

In a couple of days Fedex truck delivered the package from Amazon. I was impressed. Vey well build. I took the tanks out the package, charges the battteries and installed and tried them out. That’s where the fun began. My brother was over (we both 65+ years old) and we started to play with the tanks.

Being an US Army Vietnam Vet let the attack begin. My brother and I played for a fun filled half hour or so. It was great. The tanks make realistic sound, engine running, cannon fire and machine gun fire. When you fire the cannon the tank recoils from the cannon fire and you must position your tank and turret to line up on your target for your next shot. Also if you aim is right and you hit the other tank, that tank simulates being hit and you must reset up to aim and at the other tank again

Then the question begins. Should we give these tanks to my grandson or be selfish and keep them for ourselfs? Ok, you know the answer. Rechages the batteries and put everything back into the box and gift wrapped it and give to my grandson.

My grandson opened his birthday gift and could not beleive what Grandpa got him. He loves it. So did all my other four grandkids who were there. I didn’t get to play with the tanks that day but my grandkids sure did.

It’s been a month since we got them. The tanks are still in great shape and being used often. I even got some time playing Army Tanks with my grandson, finally!

Just a few things. Do Not Run Tanks on Carpet. The tank tracks will come off. Easy enough to put back on. Second thing is those little tiny screws that hold the battery lid close on the tank and R/C controller. Very easy to lose. Good thing the battery lids will stay closed without the screws.

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Top 2 Best Kindle 8th Generation Cases

Cartoon Leather Cover Case for All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)
Cartoon Leather Cover Case for All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)

Cartoon Leather Cover Case for All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)

Slim, form-fitting cover designed by TAGreat to perfectly fit your all new Kindle (8th Generation) and provide full front and back protection. The cover is easy to securely attach and remove, and folds back for easy one-handed reading. It automatically puts your Kindle to sleep when closed and wakes upon opening, making it easy to jump back into your book. Crafted from durable polyurethane with a matching nylon woven interior, the cover protects your Kindle and keeps the screen clean without adding bulk, making it perfect for taking your Kindle wherever you go.

  • Designed by Amazon to perfectly your Kindle (8th generation) – Will not fit previous generation Kindle devices and no other Kindle model
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover
  • Slim design easily and securely attaches to your Kindle
  • Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed
  • Cover folds back for easy one-handed reading
  • Cover can remain on the Kindle for charging
  • Durable Polyurethane exterior protects your Kindle from scratches

It’s a nice cover. Pretty sturdy, not too heavy, well-made and does what you’d think a cover would do: cover your Kindle and somewhat protect it from wear and tear. However, I was quite shocked when I got my cover. I was sure Amazon had sent me the wrong colored cover! The picture shown on the product page makes the ‘Magenta’ cover seem like it’s pink. However, this thing is purple. It’s not even a pinkish purple, just a purple purple. Is this a deal breaker for me? No. Am I not going to use it? No. Am I being over-dramatic about the color of my Kindle Cover? Probably. But is this an issue? Yes, as it’s quite misleading. I have attached some pictures I’ve taken in natural lighting to help you get a better idea of the actual color.

I love pink and was excited to get a Cartoon Girl kindle cover. What I got instead was a purple one. Beware. If you don’t like purple, you’re not going to like the Magenta cover. I’m not a big fan of the color purple (loved the book though) and would have just gotten a black or blue cover instead if I had known what this really looked like.

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Leather Origami Case Stand for All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)
Leather Origami Case Stand for All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)

Leather Origami Case Stand for All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)

So wonderful to finally HAVE one of these gadgets. Being able to read big books without the heavy bulk is lovely, especially as my aging hands ache from arthritis. I’m getting a free Kindle book per month with Prime membership, too, so I feel spoiled. LOVE how the lighted reading panel adjusts to my specific preference, and changing the setting is quick and simple. Pages bookmark themselves by simply closing the cover, then I pick up where I left off when I open the cover. Perfect for my reading life.

  • Designed by TAGreat exclusively forAll-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016)
  • Origami Stand Design, Could set your hands free during your reading. Only 2.8 oz, protect your device without adding unnecessary bulk or weight
  • Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover. Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed, secures your device without straps covering the front
  • Full access to all features without removing the case from your Kindle (8th Generation)
  • Available in a variety of bright and fun colors

So wonderful to finally HAVE one of these gadgets. Being able to read big books without the heavy bulk is lovely, especially as my aging hands ache from arthritis. I’m getting a free Kindle book per month with Prime membership, too, so I feel spoiled. LOVE how the lighted reading panel adjusts to my specific preference, and changing the setting is quick and simple. Pages bookmark themselves by simply closing the cover, then I pick up where I left off when I open the cover. Perfect for my reading life.

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Best Kindle Voyage Leather Origami Case

Kindle Voyage Leather Origami Case

Amazon Kindle Voyage Case Cover, Leather Origami Stand, Designed and Manufactured by TAGreat only, a professional manufacturer of cell phone case and tablet case and ebook case since 2008. Made with premium PU leather which having a genuine leather feeling exterior and lined with soft, non-scratch microfiber interior, integrated with 100% polycarbonate ultra-thin, multi-functional shell case which rubberized.

  • Designed to perfectly fit your Amazon Kindle Voyage, premium PU leather exterior, soft microfiber interior protects your ebook screen. Rubberized hard back cover protects your voyage tenderly without scratch hurt which different from other plastic cover do.
  • Innovative built-in origami stand folds into portrait orientation for hands-free reading while keep the folio book style still to emulate the *reading* experience like Amazon has made in the past. You can Hand-held your kindle voyage ereader with this book style, you can also hands-Free reading naturally per origami stand.
  • The front lid can be attached to the back cover via magents as some reviewers suggested.
  • Ultra thin, slim and form-fitting covers to perfectly fit your Kindle Voyage and provide full front and back protection. Wake your Kindle Voyage or put it to sleep by simply opening and closing the cover, secured with a magnetic closure. Easily attach or remove Origami from your Kindle Voyage with a magnetic connection.

It’s a nice origami case. I’ve been enjoying it for about two weeks now. Definitely a very good alternative to the Amazon’s original Origami cover. It stands pretty steady in both, vertical or horizontal positions, and has a nice leather feel and look. It feels very nice to the touch, leathery on the outside, and sheer and soft on the inside. The magnetic closure puts the screen to sleep when you close it without having to press the on/off button in the back.

The only reason why I put 4 starts instead of 5 is because the color is not what it looks like on the picture. I purchased my case in Brown, on the picture it looks more pinkish. When I was buying it I thought the color of the case is something like “red”, or “green” judging by the picture. But it reality is yellow gold, even more so just black. Now, I don’t mind this red, it’s still very nice. It’s just that I was expecting something else. And it’s weird that it looks like one color in the picture, and then you get a completely different color. I would suggest them to either change the picture for Black color case, or change the name of the color, because it’s very misleading. I wonder if any other people actually got it in that red that is shown in the picture.

Also, I know it’s not about the product itself, but I think I’m still going to put it in. The case came in a cardboard package with no instruction sheet or any kind of note whatsoever, it didn’t have a label and because of that my first impression was that “Oh no, I actually got a very cheap product, maybe I should have paid more and get a better one”. But the product turned out to be good.

Other than that, it’s a great product for the price, nice quality, very nice leathery feel and look, perfect angle for table reading, not to low, not to high. Even though I was surprised by the color I still love the product and I would say that it is just as good as the original Amazon’s origami cover. What I love the most about it is that it flips sideways like a normal book, not upwards like the original, and still has the unique origami design.

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Amazon Fire 7″ Tablet Review

Amazon Fire - 7" - TabletI ordered this for my wife mostly to use as a Kindle E-reader as I figured the tablet would be slow and the display would be less than impressive. I was wrong. What a bargain this little beauty is! This model cost $49.00 but it comes with ad’s displayed on the lock screen when your tablet is dormant. Once your screen times out, they disappear. You can pay $15.00 up front to get an ad free version so I assumed to unlock the tablet I’d have to spend 15 to 30 seconds looking at an ad for Amazon Prime, or a product from the daily specials section of I abstained from paying for Ad removal and was pleasantly surprised to find that the ads are only on the lock screen and that as soon as I unlock the tablet they disappear immediately.

Here are my pros and cons thus far.


Perfect size for Ebooks, and web surfing to alleviate strain on the eyes from my 5″ phone display

nice sturdy casing that gives it a nice heft but still weighs in as one of the lighter tablets on the market

Child Accounts- Amazon allows you to set up this tablet with age restricted access for kids making this a low cost piece of tech that is perfect for school kids and allows mom and dad to ration the amount of time lil Johnny can play Clash of Clans and how much he can hit the ol’ Visa card for.

Battery life thus far; wife was on it for about 5 hours last night and battery was at about 46%

Kindle Integration -this goes without saying but having my ebooks and audible books synced to the tablet is awesome and my Kindle books look great

Price – it’s a $50.00 tablet that looks and performs as well as ipad mini gen1


Screen resolution – if you’re looking for a premium screen res on par with your latest smart phone or HD tablet look elsewhere. I’d say the resolution is on par with an Iphone 3G or the original Kindle Fire gen 1

Web browser

The built in “Silk” web browser isn’t very nice and the interface is reminiscent of IE on mobile devices. I searched the APP store for Google Chrome or fire fox but apparently those aren’t available.


This has a camera in the strictest sense but it’s 2MP camera is slow to load and it’s nowhere near on par with the 10MP most mobile devices are boasting these days

The weak ass speaker

OK. So I wasn’t expecting a Bose sound out of this thing but the on board speaker is just not very good. Poor sound quality, and weak. My wife was attempting to listen to our Amazon Music library the other night and was underwhelmed with the quality. I haven’t attempted this yet, but I’ll be paring this to our SONOS bar or my Bluetooth headphones for music or ebooks.

SO there you have it. Despite some of the flaws in the design this is just a fantastic deal for $50.00. SO much so that I ordered a second one for myself and plan on purchasing a 6 pack as Holiday Presents next month for my nieces and nephews. If you are new to tech and want to familiarize yourself without spending a heft sum to get into the game, or if you’re looking for a durable yet inexpensive piece of tech for your kids, or if you LOVE e-books then this is the unit for you.

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HUAWEI P9 Plus Cartoon Flip Cover Case with View Window

This exclusive to Cute Cartoon case is fully tested and compatible with the HUAWEI P9 Plus and comes with the full warranty. The case is comprised of a durable polyurethane bringing style and individuality whilst offering supreme practicality as well as comprehensive protection for your phone’s screen and body. This case has a unique soft microfiber interior designed to prevent your phone from getting small ‘spider web’ scratches, even if dust is trapped. Thanks to the View Window function you can always check the time, missed calls, messages, and weather. The View Window function also allows you to take pictures, accept and reject calls, and check messages without opening the front cover. Screen protector and polishing cloth included.

  • Designed especially for HUAWEI P9 Plus
  • Made of durable polyurethane with microfibre interior, offering comprehensive body and screen protection to your phone; magnetic closure keeps the case closed and guarantees secure protection
  • Fully compatible with the View Window function – your phone’s screen will switch on/off when you open and close the front cover
  • The View Window function allows for so much! Time, missed calls and messages can be checked in an instant. You can also accept / reject calls without opening the case

Not sure what went wrong with some of the other cases. I have no issues with the charging port, it all connects fine. Colors are not quite as bright as they appear online but it’s still turquoise, the case stays closed which was my main reason for buying this one over some of the other designs since the suction cup style didn’t look like it would be very sturdy, have yet to drop my phone (hoping I dont but I know I will) but the case looks like it will offer more than enough protection, it goes all the way around the phone nothing is exposed. The back is plastic but most cases are since the metal interferes with signal. also had no issues getting the phone back out of the case though it is a snug fit which is good. Overall very pleased exactly what I expected, you can talk with the cover closed no problem and the screen auto picks up the cover and adjusts the display, it’s really neat actually. I looked at ever cover available for this phone and this seemed like the best pick in this style, I’d recommend it so if you are on the fence like I was go ahead and get it I think you’l be happy.

HUAWEI P9 Plus Cartoon Flip Cover Case

Finally, the perfect phone case! I have been looking for the perfect case for my HUAWEI P9 Plus and TAgreat has it! Completely encases your phone, fits perfectly (once you remove the back from the phone), can check the time and see who texted or is calling without opening the case. And the best part is mo more greasy screen because you can talk with the case closed! Love it!

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How to Wireless Charging Your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Even though the rumors about the possible arrival of wireless charging on iPhone have been going on for several years, Apple is yet to give it a go ahead. Seeing most Android users flaunt wireless charging is a bit painful for some iPhone users. Is it the case with you as well?

Don’t worry; I’m in the same boat as you are. With just a little bit of work, you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus securely. Ready to have a go at it? Let’s find out!

How to Charge Your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Wirelessly

Make sure you have a wireless (Qi) charging card receiver. I find Nillkin very handy. It’s available just for $12.98 on, check: iPhone Wireless Charging Receiver.

iPhone Wireless Charging Receiver

You need to buy a wireless charger. Explore the best iPhone 7/7 Plus wireless charger.

Step 1. Next, you will have to plug in the included lightning cable of the wireless charging card receiver. Then, you need to fold it over the back of your iPhone.

Step 2. Now, you have to install a thin genuine leather case or any other case on your smartphone. (Check out best iPhone 7 leather case, iPhone 7 Plus leather case.)

Step 3. Up next, you just need to place your device perfectly on the wireless charging pad to start charging.

Alternately method;

There is another way of charging your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus wirelessly. Simply buy a wireless charging case for your device. Install the case on your smartphone and then perfectly place it on the wireless charging pad to get juiced up comfortably.

iPhone Wireless Charging Case
iPhone Wireless Charging Case

iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Charging Case

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging Case

That’s it!

Now, get the best out of these wireless charging equipment to power-up your iPhone effortlessly.

Ideally, it would have been better if Apple added wireless charging technology to its iPhone. It’s not clear yet why the tech giant has continued to avoid it.

Most of us had expected iPhone 7 to come with the wireless charging. But, the new iPhone hasn’t got it either.

What do you think why Apple is not adding wireless charging technology to its iPhone? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, make sure to try our app on your iPhone and iPad.

Best Qi Wireless Charger

Bought two different kinds. THis was the more expensive. It’s easy to tell when it’s placed correctly, which is in just about any position. However, not a great one to put by the bed as when it’s charging it also becomes a night light.

  • Wireless Charging:Just place devices with Qi-Enabled in the charging area, then you are free to enjoy your wireless and limitless charging experience.
  • Charging: Up to 5V-2A input and 5V-1A output,Equipped with power-efficient idle mode that never overcharges your battery or wastes energy.
  • Slip-Proof Charging Pad: Anti-Slip pad ensures safety for your device during charging. Friendly LED light indicates operation of wireless charging pad.
  • Light-Weight: the disk-shaped design has a diameter of only 10 CM and a thickness of 10mm, which makes it light-weight and protable.


I always thought that wireless charging was something of a gimmick. I still remember some of the early wireless chargers that were easily in the $30-$60 range, depending on the particular one, including even some of the official ones from Google! Surely the mundane struggle of plugging in my phone once a day was not worth THAT much.

Then along came this little thing for the low, low price of $9. That indeed seemed low enough to avoid the nuisance of plugging in my phone every single day.


1) Charges my Nexus 5 even through its not-exactly-thin case

2) Lights do a good job of distinguishing charging from not-charging state–dim red for “not-charging” and bright blue for “charging”

3) Charging seems relatively quick, based on the estimation from Android. Take this with a grain of salt, though–I only ever charge my phone overnight, so I’ve not observed its charging rate firsthand


1) Bright blue light indicating charging is a little troublesome if you, like me, keep charge your phone in your bedroom. It’s a shame there’s no way to dim it.

I disabled the blue light that flashes while charging. Here’s how. Unplug the device, remove the adhesive rubber pads on the bottom of the device and remove the screws with a very small screwdriver. Separate the top and bottom pieces and the inner circuit board will be visible. There are four tiny LED bulbs that are labeled on the circuit board and can be disabled by simply squeezing the small tubular structures with a tweezers. This effectively breaks the bulb and eliminates its capacity to glow. Put all the pieces back together in reverse order of the above instructions and you will only have the continually glowing red LED. After this procedure the device charges normally, but the blinking blue light no longer flashes when charging. I wanted this device for my nightstand to charge while I sleep. It was useless for that purpose until I disabled the blue light as described above. I would give the procedure a degree of difficulty rating of three out of ten with one being the lowest. Good luck!

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The Most Effective Sticky Fly Trap On The Market!

Works fantastic. Extremely sticky and keeps the bugs away. I would like to add to my review. These do work and are crazy sticky, however, please do note, they trap more than bugs. In the past week, they trapped a gecko which died and yesterday it trapped a small bird,which was alive, but lost most of its feathers to the stick and it took me about 15 minutes to get it off the strip and clean the sticky from the strip that stuck to it off. As an animal lover, I had to remove these from my garden and won’t be using them anymore.

  • Great for capturing White Flies, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Leaf Miners & Thrips.
  • Great for Flower and Vegetables, Houseplant and greenhouse.
  • ECO friendly material, Dual sticky trap,Easy to peel and easy to use 🙂

sticky-traps-for-flies-3Great great product. Large sheets that are easy to slice through and very sticky.

I have had an awful time dealing with fungus gnats in my houseplants. I haven’t quite managed to solve the issue yet but these bright yellow stick traps are just the ticket for catching the gnats. I take one sheet, cut them up into small rectangles and place them inside and around the plants near the soil line. The great thing is that I can peel one side, let it do its business and a few days later I will peel the other side. It’s a bit gross to peel the second side with bugs on it so you can slap a piece of paper over it to pick it up and sandwich the bugs.

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Nillkin iPhone 7 Plus Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Case Review

nillkin-iphone-7-plus-qi-wireless-charging-receiver-caseI was searching for a Qi & PMA case for my iPhone 7 Plus to use in my 2016 GMC Denali Sierra. The dealership offered me an aftermarket case at the time I purchased the truck but I was unimpressed with it. Their case he showed me was a white, hard glossy, plastic case (it may have also come in black) which I was totally not interested in since I was use to having an Otterbox Defender with a clip. Truthfully, I didn’t examine their case very closely at all since I knew right away that I just couldn’t pay money for such a case even though it would work wirelessly in my truck. My next search led me to my local Verizon super store which I was confident they would have a more “suitable” case for me. Boing! Was I wrong. As most of you probably already know, there isn’t an Apple IPhone QI & PMA case or any that is approved to be sold by Verizon. I knew Amazon carried such a product because I had searched for it before I bought the truck. Anyway, the Verizon assistant said he was sure that I would not find a Qi case locally in any stores such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart so I didn’t waste my gas or time going to any of those stores. That evening I logged into Amazon and started searching iPhone 7 Plus Wireless charging adapters and cases. After spending considerable time reading reviews for various methods and brands of Qi + PMA devices, I ruled out trying to buy an adapter to use with my Otterbox case. (Which bothered me because I love the protection and the clip provided). Of all of the product reviews that I read, the Nillkin case seemed to have the highest ratings and greatest success working with GMC Denali vehicles. In their description, they recommended not using the adapter but rather the case for use in GMC vehicles and GM cars. The price for the was more then the case offered by my dealership but I liked the appearance in the pictures on Amazon better, plus, I liked the idea that you could use a hard wire charging cable to charge the iPhone 7 Plus without removing the case! The one offered by my GMC dealership required you to remove the case, which we all know, most cases are not designed to be removed on a daily basis. I was concerned about the nub at the end of the that has to be unplugged to connect a lightning charging cable. Many past reviews showed that the nub, that’s connected to a filament, would break when unplugging it for a cable connection. Reading more reviews on that subject, I found that Nillkin had corrected that issue. I’ve had my for a week now and I remove the nub every night for charging via my IPhone cable. I carefully unplug the nub and have not had any issue with it at all. I love the fact that the case is a matte black molded type rubber style case that seems like it would afford some protection in a drop. I love even more that the case fits the iPhone 7 Plus very well and that it does hook up immediately when placed in the wireless tray of the console of my GMC Denali Sierra P/U!!! After all, as a consumer, that was the most significant reason in buying a QI & PMA case. The quality of the meets and even exceeds my expectations. The test will be how long it holds up considering the cost factor. The only thing I miss is my pant/belt clip.


There is something that I want to mention. Others have mentioned this in their reviews also. Nillkin makes note of this as well in their product information. When placing the in the GMC Denali Sierra wireless charging tray, the top of the IPhone must be facing rearward towards the backseat. I have included some photos to help illustrate such positioning. I place the nub right over the GMC wireless charging strip. You know when you have the IPhone in the correct position because the lightning bolt symbol will appear near the top on your infotainment screen. Note, my photos. Also, don’t make the mistake I did, when I first tried out my new in the charging tray. (I didn’t have the key turned to start). You must have your ignition either in the accessory or start positions to charge wirelessly!!!

That pretty much concludes my Nillkin Qi Wireless Charging Case review. I have no issues with their case. I can’t speak for other GM and non GM vehicles but I’d assume that the would perform remarkably well with those models also.

I highly respect, appreciate, and recommend the case for its described qualities. My iPhone 7 Plus works perfectly well in my GMC Denali Sierra.

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iPhone 7 Review: vs. iPhone 6S

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6
iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

I have both iPhone 6S and 7 and see some improvements.

The iPhone 7 is almost identical to the iPhone 6S, but as we all know, lacks headphone jack.

The improvements, that I’ve noticed so far are:

– better battery life

– slightly better photos (especially the ones in low light)

– faster processor

– water-resistant

– brighter screen

– louder sound

The thing that took me a while to get used to is a new home button that is not ‘clickable’ anymore. I must say I preferred the old button. Now, I have the feeling that the click is happening ‘inside’ the Phone, rather than on its surface. It works perfectly well though.

The lack of a headphone jack is a small con for now, since there’s no many lightning-compatible headphones yet. I hate the dongle so decided on buying the new headphones.

They are pricey, but work great. When testing Siri( turns on after double tapping on the earpiece), they pick up voice pretty well, although I tried to speak very clearly.

What is interesting, the audio pauses when you pop a headphone out when talking to someone – pretty nice feature.

The AirPods’ battery lasts for 5-6 h of continuous use, although the voice calls use more energy.

I’d recommend getting ones, since their quality is pretty good and they are easy to charge and store ( come with a case that recharges the pieces). The disadvantage is obviously the price… They’re also easy to loose.

Forget about using wired headphones and charging in the same time… Unless you want to get another adapter, that will give you 2 lightning ports… ( Offered by Belkin)

About the water resistivity:

That feature wasn’t meant to be tested but I accidentally dropped my phone to a sink with running water and it surviver…I wouldn’t recommend washing your phone when it gets dirty though…


Unfortunately, the iPhone7 doesn’t have the second lens( as the iPhone plus has), The selfie camera was improved though, and I see a difference between evening photos taken with iPhone 6S and 7.

The sound:

Significantly louder, stereo. (Could hear the music while doing my dishes).

The battery:

The new battery is much better. I can listen to the music almost all day long, browse the internet for a few hours, make couple of calls and use other apps without charging my iPhone7 in the middle of the day.

I also noticed that it takes less to fully charge the phone.

The Phone performance is quite faster. I feel it while editing pictures or playing games and stream music in the same time.

Overall, I’m happy with the purchase even though I have iPhone 6S. The battery life, sound and water resistivity were convincing enough to give a new model a try.

The con is that you must spend additional money on headphones (unless you want to use bangle or Lightning EarPods). The Apple’s wireless headphones are expensive, but definitely high quality.

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