Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Hands on Review 2016

Kindle PaperwhiteLets start for what this is all about. Its an ereader, eink has been around for awhile now. I’ve had one other ereader and it was a sony 6″ as well. Honestly at this point I don’t fully understand why the screens haven’t gotten a bit bigger. While easily readable on a 6″ screen, it would be nice to have something more ‘book like’ in size. In comparison my phone is a 5.5″ screen. So this is slightly bigger then the average modern smartphone. I also bought mine at Best Buy – same price and got it the same day.

What I like about this reader;

1.Back light, easy readable in all lighting conditions.

2. Eink, it really hasn’t gotten any better from older models to new models, 300ppi is nice but really I don’t think its something you’ll really care about or notice on plain text, graphics are another story. But really who would use this on a graphic novel?

3. Your own email to send ebooks to, its one of those nice things that is convenient. Send your book via email without having to mess with cords and such, from anywhere. I like that.

4. Dictionary. I am well read, but sometimes you come across a word that is just, unknown. The built in dictionary is handy in that regard.

5. Battery, it charges fast and so far holds it for a long time. Out of the box it had over half battery and I didn’t have to charge it for 2 weeks, even with heavy back light use.

What I don’t like. And I’ll start with what really prompted this review and why I am giving it a 3 star review.

1. The high jacking of you’re device and being held hostage with ads. Sure, you can remove them but you’ll pay amazon $20 to do it. Last I checked, I owned this thing and paid for it. Now, for awhile I didn’t really care about the ads, they were about books or some electronic device (battery banks and such). But what took the cake was the ad for Hefty trash bags – Hefty. Trash. Bags. My device is my device – not some ad platform that should be held hostage with a paywall to remove ads from a device I OWN. Now, I’ll be paying the ransom to remove the ads from my device because I really don’t want to see ads for trash bags ever again. Its honestly a desperate act by amazon to spam me with ads, and really it should not be like that. And no amazon, its not a deal to say its $99 with ‘special offers’ if those special offers are a means to thrust ads into my face every time I turn on my device. Because nothing puts you into the mood to read your favorite book then ‘Hefty trash bags’, yea no thanks. I’ve attached an image of the festive bags for reference.

2. Touch screen. Why is everything touchscreen? Sometimes my hand gets near the screen and I turn the page or go back inadvertently, the simple page buttons would be ever so nice. Granted you’d complicate the dictionary side of this, but honestly its a thing that can be overlooked.

3. The paper white really isn’t paper white. Its still grayish white and it bugs me that the ads/pictures for this clearly are making it look ‘whiter’ to other older models. It simply is not and looks like typical eink tech – the back light is what makes the screen ‘pop’ in my humble opinion.

4. Some of my ebooks required converting so that the kindle could open it. Not a problem, just get Calibre and convert to supported format – granted its one more step if you have your own ebook collection aside from your amazon ebooks.

Conclusion: Its a solid device with excellent battery and the back light is great, pay the extra to remove the ads and forgo the festive-santa-hat-wearing-trashbags. Because eventually your bound to get an ad on yours that makes you say ‘really, amazon?’.

TAGReat Cases for Kindle Paperwhite – The Thinnest and Lightest Leather Cover for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Best Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

Searching out Kindle Paperwhite covers, for me it came down to the Poetic Slim Line and the TAGReat Super Slim. They’re both basically the same design, but I ordered the Poetic first, as it had a Green color that I liked. I ended up returning it because the Poetic came with a funky rotten fish like smell to it, that even after letting it air out for a couple of days, it didn’t go away. So I ordered the TAGReat and have been very pleased with it.

Best Designed Cases for Kindle Paperwhite
Best Designed Cases for Kindle Paperwhite

I like that the TAGReat cover goes all the way around, protecting both the front and back of the Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon apparently doesn’t have a companion case available for the Kindle Paperwhite to go with their Smart Cover. But that’s what I love about this case, is that the front and back are attached so the Smart Cover doesn’t come off. My hubby had an Amazon Smart Cover on his iPad 2, and while they’re nice, in less than a year he had trouble with it falling off…almost like the magnetic connector was losing some of it’s magnetism.

The case fits nice and snug on the Kindle Paperwhite.

All the cut outs for the buttons, charge port, speakers, camera and mic are nicely cut out and have plenty of room. They don’t cover anything or make it hard to get to or use.

The Smart Cover is stiff, of course being new, but it only took about one week of daily use to get it broken in. At first, there was a gap between the cover and the screen (on the left side closer to where the cover attaches to the back case) when the cover was closed and it concerned me a bit, but I’ve been using this case for about 3 weeks now and that gap is starting to go away. I folded and squished that piece between the cover and the back case a bunch and it’s helped to eliminate that little gap.

I haven’t had any problems with the triangle fold or standing the Kindle Paperwhite up on the triangle. The Kindle Paperwhite sits back on just enough of an angle that there’s no worry about it falling over.

The wake/sleep function also works great! No problems there either.

The case itself doesn’t seem to add a lot of weight to the Kindle Paperwhite either. At least not that I have noticed.

It would be nice if there could be a few more color choices available for this case. I didn’t want just black and I didn’t like the light blue, so it came down to the orange or purple. I chose purple. I’ve noticed that they’ve added pink since I ordered my case, so I’m a little hopeful that maybe they’ll get a few more colors in. I would not hesitate to buy another cover if they do. A green or a different shade of blue would be nice.

Ofher than that, I really don’t have anything negative to say about this case. I love my TAGReat CASE!! It’s a great alternative to Amazon’s Smart Cover! Amazon wants $39 for just a Smart Cover, and with this case you get full coverage for your Kindle Paperwhite with a cover that functions exactly as Amazon’s does and for 1/3 the cost of Amazon’s cover!

Please click for the current price: Best Leather Cover for Kindle Paperwhite