Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Hands on Review 2016

Kindle PaperwhiteLets start for what this is all about. Its an ereader, eink has been around for awhile now. I’ve had one other ereader and it was a sony 6″ as well. Honestly at this point I don’t fully understand why the screens haven’t gotten a bit bigger. While easily readable on a 6″ screen, it would be nice to have something more ‘book like’ in size. In comparison my phone is a 5.5″ screen. So this is slightly bigger then the average modern smartphone. I also bought mine at Best Buy – same price and got it the same day.

What I like about this reader;

1.Back light, easy readable in all lighting conditions.

2. Eink, it really hasn’t gotten any better from older models to new models, 300ppi is nice but really I don’t think its something you’ll really care about or notice on plain text, graphics are another story. But really who would use this on a graphic novel?

3. Your own email to send ebooks to, its one of those nice things that is convenient. Send your book via email without having to mess with cords and such, from anywhere. I like that.

4. Dictionary. I am well read, but sometimes you come across a word that is just, unknown. The built in dictionary is handy in that regard.

5. Battery, it charges fast and so far holds it for a long time. Out of the box it had over half battery and I didn’t have to charge it for 2 weeks, even with heavy back light use.

What I don’t like. And I’ll start with what really prompted this review and why I am giving it a 3 star review.

1. The high jacking of you’re device and being held hostage with ads. Sure, you can remove them but you’ll pay amazon $20 to do it. Last I checked, I owned this thing and paid for it. Now, for awhile I didn’t really care about the ads, they were about books or some electronic device (battery banks and such). But what took the cake was the ad for Hefty trash bags – Hefty. Trash. Bags. My device is my device – not some ad platform that should be held hostage with a paywall to remove ads from a device I OWN. Now, I’ll be paying the ransom to remove the ads from my device because I really don’t want to see ads for trash bags ever again. Its honestly a desperate act by amazon to spam me with ads, and really it should not be like that. And no amazon, its not a deal to say its $99 with ‘special offers’ if those special offers are a means to thrust ads into my face every time I turn on my device. Because nothing puts you into the mood to read your favorite book then ‘Hefty trash bags’, yea no thanks. I’ve attached an image of the festive bags for reference.

2. Touch screen. Why is everything touchscreen? Sometimes my hand gets near the screen and I turn the page or go back inadvertently, the simple page buttons would be ever so nice. Granted you’d complicate the dictionary side of this, but honestly its a thing that can be overlooked.

3. The paper white really isn’t paper white. Its still grayish white and it bugs me that the ads/pictures for this clearly are making it look ‘whiter’ to other older models. It simply is not and looks like typical eink tech – the back light is what makes the screen ‘pop’ in my humble opinion.

4. Some of my ebooks required converting so that the kindle could open it. Not a problem, just get Calibre and convert to supported format – granted its one more step if you have your own ebook collection aside from your amazon ebooks.

Conclusion: Its a solid device with excellent battery and the back light is great, pay the extra to remove the ads and forgo the festive-santa-hat-wearing-trashbags. Because eventually your bound to get an ad on yours that makes you say ‘really, amazon?’.

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New Features of The 8th Generation Kindle

Kindle (8th Generation)
Kindle (8th Generation)

Heads up followers – all-new, high-end Kindle almost ready. 8th generation.

I can not recall the last time that I was so excited (or really excited in any way ) about a tech item release.

My very own first generation Kindle Paperwhite is dying.

If I do not restart it every day or two and then the Kindle OS crawls to a halt. The gadget is slow to go the the Home screen, slow to navigate to different functions, as well as slow to access the online book shop. And yes, my Kindle OS is updated.

A few of the features that I really hope to see on the new Kindle contain:

  • Faster page turning.
  • A higher resolution display screen (over 400 ppi).
  • A screen that is a bit larger than the current 6” model (maybe 7”).
  • An easier way to turn pages – like a really solid set of buttons – would be wonderful.
  • A general improvement in the speed of navigation for book browsing and through the OS settings.
  • A return of the text-to-speech function.
  • Enhanced built-in lighting.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Built-in reading analytics, so that I can get a picture of my own reading behaviors.
  • A thinner and lighter device.
  • Changes in the Kindle book shopping experience from the device, such as instant accessto my Wish List.

Kindle features that I do not care about:

  • A colour display screen.
  • Built-in social features.
  • Annotation abilities.

What would motivate you to purchase the new Kindle when it is released?

What exactly is on your Kindle wish list?

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All-New Kindle (8th Generation, 2016) Real User Review

All-New Kindle E-reader
Kindle 8th Generation

I got this as a gift and very impressed with the Kindle on the lower end of the spectrum. I have a Kindle Paperwhile, and though I cannot directly compare with it due to their different price points and specs, I will say of you have few more $$ go for the paperwhite. The 300 ppi on the paperwhite does make a difference compared to the 167 ppi on the New Kindle. If you are on a budget this is absolutely perfect. My only request to Amazon is to build a 9” or 13” Kindle. It has definitely a market! I have ordered the 13” Android ereader from Goodereader.

I don’t know why there are so many bad reviews. First of, let’s start off by pointing out the obvious, it’s under $100. You’re not going to receive a Kindle Paperwhite. Before you order, read the specs and compare it to the other Kindles. Yes, the specs say it doesn’t have backlighting so honestly, there shouldn’t be one ounce of surprise when you receive this. I on the other hand, love this little Kindle. I have had the new Kindle Paperwhite and I really didn’t like how big it was to hold in my small hands. I don’t have children hands, but I’m a female and my hands are on the small side. Maybe for a male this would be kind of small, Idk. Anyway, it is smaller than the Paperwhite, but I love that. I also love the fact that it doesn’t come with a light. I used to read at night with the Paperwhite, but that light gave me a headache so I stopped. It is NOT as dark as these bad reviews make it seem. You can read perfectly fine being indoors. They’re exaggerating. This feels more like a book to me than the Kindle Paperwhite ever did. The letters on this Kindle are amazing.

I don’t even notice the difference between ppi and I love that the letters are way darker than the Paperwhite. The paperwhite had a grey hue to them and I didn’t feel like I was reading a book. I felt like I actually holding a technical device to read a book. Of course since this doesn’t have a backlight, you cannot read in the dark. It’s common sense. If you want to read at night, purchase a little book light that are super inexpensive and attach it to your kindle. It’s not a big deal and you’re not going to break the bank buying a $119.99 item when you can buy this little awesome e-book reader for $79.99. Think about when the light runs out of your expensive other e-books… you will be back to square one and will either have to purchase a new kindle or buy a light for your expensive kindles. You can increase the letter size if you’re reading at night with indoor lights and you can read perfectly. It has airplane mode, web search, Goodreads, Amazon store, and bluetooth.

So far I haven’t had any issues at all. Pages have gone back and fourth perfectly fine. The bookmark tool works like a charm. I love it more than the kindle paperwhite. You can connect your Goodreads account on it, too. I actually use the bluetooth like a audiobook. It reads it for me! Yeah, it sounds a little robotic but it’s not anything that bothers me. I love how I can still download PDF documents into it and it opens and works AMAZING!

I honestly recommend this e-book reader to anyone that doesn’t want to spend over $100 on one. You will not regret it. You can change the size of the letters too if that makes you focus more. The battery lasts me a very long while as well. Disconnect it from the internet and bluetooth to save you battery.

Thanks Amazon for coming out with such an inexpensive E-book and it’s great for the price!! Love it 100%!

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Kindle Voyage User Review: THE Best Kindle Yet!

If you’re a dedicated reader and have a voracious appetite for good books then the upgrade to a kindle voyage is worth it and more!

Kindle VoyageI was coming from a second generation Kindle Paperwhite which I loved, but the increased resolution, thinner and lighter design, high-quality construction, edge-to-edge glass, and ambient light sensor were all reasons I upgraded. Just further perfects the reading experience. The nightlight and ambient light sensor are very welcome additions so that I don’t have to constantly adjust the brightness myself any longer.

One thing to note is the light sensor is in the upper left-hand corner of the frame on the Voyage. Be careful to not cover this with a finger or thumb or you will notice your screen darken even in a bright environment. Can be a minor annoyance if you’re not aware of this, but very easy to avoid once you know it’s there.

I went with the wifi only, special offers version and unless you don’t have broadband (and a wireless network) at your home or if you don’t frequent businesses or establishments which also offer free wifi there is no reason to get the 3G version. With most tablets or phones being able to become hotspots these days you can always use your phone or tablet as a wifi hotspot if you need to download some new books in a pinch. Save yourself some money and forego the 3G model. Also, save yourself some initial money and go with the special offers version. If you get tired of the adds you can always pay Amazon a one-time fee down the road to get rid of them. I did this on my last Kindle, but think I won’t do it on this one. I actually like some of the offers and they’re very unobtrusive. They only appear on the “sleep” screen and on the initial home screen. This is the way to do an ad-supported device right.

All-in-all I’m wicked satisfied with the Voyage and if you’re like me, you may own tablets, laptops, smart phones, etc. and I also still collect first edition hard-cover books, but for reading every day and ultimate portability nothing beats the pure reading experience like this kindle. Very little fatigue reading this in bed and I just love that it’s such a simple and seamless experience.

Yes, it’s way more money than any Kindle before, but it’s way more of a refined and high-quality product. The care is magnesium, the edge-to-edge glass is micro-etched to reduce glare. It’s very “apple” like in its attention to detail, material quality, and design. Which I think is a huge compliment! Amazon has to be losing on every one they sell hoping to recoup through ebook sales because the engineering and material costs alone would be way more than just $199. It was expensive internals and materials.

If you’re on the fence, get this Kindle! It’s worth the upgrade and if you’re a first-timer to the Kindle family and a dedicated book enthusiast and reader you won’t be disappointed.

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