Moto Z2 Play Hands-on Review

This is the best phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve had both flagship iPhones and flagship Samsung phones as well. The software from Motorola is nice plus with this phone you get an almost stock Android experience. I bought mine from Verizon so mine is the 32 GB version with 3GB of ram but it’s still an excellent phone I’d recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on the big flagship phone’s.

Moto Z2 Play
Moto Z2 Play

I’m giving this phone 5 stars. I come from a long time of using Samsung Galaxy flagship phones and iPhone flagship. This is the first “mid-level” phone I’ve used. To be honest, it’s my favorite device I’ve had. I really like the software Motorola has developed. I regret using Samsung for so long now that I have this phone. The motomods seemed like a gimmick but actually I’ve had my mind changed, they are actually quite useful and innovative. I received a JBL Speaker mod with my phone as a promotion, and have seen the projector mod and an impressed by the utility of both.

The battery life on this phone kicks anything else I’ve used to the curb. And it also has a fast charger so rarely ever have to worry about having this phone die. Often times a full charge will last me 1.5 – 2 days. The USB – C charger is a nice future proof feature as well.

The physical size of the phone is great. 5.5″ screen is the perfect size in my opinion. The full metal body is nice. I much prefer it to the glass bodies of other brands. It is also really slim. It’s thinner than any phone I’ve ever used. For great in my pocket.

Now, there are some caveats. For me, the is camera not of critical importance. I’m not a professional photographer or even a prosumer Instagrammer. The camera on this phone is nice. The specs and sensor or the camera aren’t as good as top of the line phones, but for me and most average people, the difference doesnt justify the cost. Its hard to notice much difference from flagship cameras I’ve used, since I’m a casual camera user.

The processor isn’t as good as flagship phones, but unless you’re a huge gamer, you won’t know any difference. It’s fast. It is still an octa core processor. This thing is still a pocket super computer.


Overall, this phone is awesome. If you really think you need a top end camera and processor, but the z2 force. Motorola has won me over. Can’t say I was expecting that to happen but I’m pleasantly surprised.

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LG G6 Hands-on Review

The LG G6 is the closest to a perfect phone I’ve ever seen.

All LG improvements are great: the 18:9 size, camera, dual lens, battery life etc.

LG G6 Hands-on Review
LG G6 Hands-on Review

What hasn’t been advertised are the improvements to the dual SIM software (compared to the V10 dual sim) which finally make it useful and simple to use. Easy switching sims for outgoing calls, answering on the same sim received, allocation of sims to data, etc.

This is the unlocked Asian model (H87ODS). Mine was originally sold in Singapore and came preloaded with a ton of Singtel carrier bloatware, which can thankfully be uninstalled. It is indeed unlocked but limited to only GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile so it will not work on Sprint and Verizon networks. Right out of the box, network settings default to 3G but 4G LTE can be activated by simply going into settings and selecting LTE as your prefferred network. Please note that you will have to do this every time after the phone has been powered off or rebooted which some people, myself included, can find pretty annoying.

Because this device is the Asian model, a Hifi audio Quad DAC is included in place of the wireless charging. Note that wireless charging is only included on the North American/US model which omits the Hifi Quad DAC. Another difference is in storage capacity with 64GB on this model and only 32GB on the US model, both of which can be expanded upon via microSD card up to 2TB.

I personally prefer the amoled displays made popular by Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones but this IPS display is itself pretty stunning to look at. Like the Galaxy S8, the G6’s display abandons the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio in favor of a newer 18:9 ratio which makes the screen look taller when handled vertically. Measuring in at 5.7 inches diagnally, the new taller aspect ratio makes it feel like you’re holding a phone with a traditional 5.2 inch display as opposed to a giant 5.7 inch phablet. Feels great in hand and very easy to grip even with the shiny fingerprint loving glass back.

While i don’t take a whole lot of pictures or video, i can say that the cameras on the G6 are pretty amazing. There are 2 13-megapixel main cameras on the back; one with a traditional lens and the other with an incredible 125 degree wide angle lens. Again i’m not the most knowlegable when it comes to camera technolgy (or technology in general) but the few pictures i have taken with either camera look very pleasing to my eyes. A 5-megapixel camera adorns the top left corner of the front and is capable of taking some very nice pictures too.

If there is one area i have to be critical of, its the battery life. The 3,300 MaH battery is a sizeable one on paper but in reality its just average. i struggle to get more than 4 hours of screen on time almost every time. 4 hours might be pretty good for some people but if you’re a heavier user, you may be disappointed. Standby time however is very good, which is to be expected with Android Nougat’s battery optimizations. I leave it at 100% overnight and wake up 8 hours later to 100% on a regular basis. Despite my reservations, I still make it through a whole day pretty regularly with about 20-30% at the end of the day. With light usage, you could probably do better. Fast charging is available, just keep in mind that if you’re importing this device, you may not get a compatible charging brick out of the box.

I’m not a professional phone reviewer but i wanted to cover all the things i felt was most important to me and to you. I know i left alot of things out and i apologize. I hope this review can help you in your decision to either buy or not to buy.

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Anti Bite Duck Mouth Shape Dog Muzzle Mouth Cover

Cute Duck Mouth Shaped Dog Muzzle
Cute Duck Mouth Shaped Dog Muzzle

I absolutely love this product. I have a mini-scnoodle who yaps with the verocity of an 11-pound seceda. We have tried spray bottles, yelling, timeouts, spray collars, tingle collars, and even guilt trips. Nothing gets through to our yapping bundle of joy.

This adorable beak has liberated her from the yappjng to express her anxiety! She actually gets excited to put if on because she has associated positive reinforcement with her beak. Instead of us exasperatedly crying and screaming for her to stop torturing us with the constant barking, she prances around and has positive interactions with the world around her.

This beak has changed our families relationship with our beloved, Lucy, and allowed her to show off the amazing personality she has always had within. Thank you so much!

Initally I felt bad for muzzling her but there are so many benefits!

Whether you have an aggressive dog or not, it’s a good idea to get them accustomed to wearing a muzzle. There are many situations where it can be useful or even required, and preparing your dog in advance can make a big difference in how he reacts.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using a dog muzzle.

1.Keep People and Animals Safe

Rehabilitation of aggressive behaviors doesn’t happen overnight, so a muzzle can be an important tool as you go through the process. But it’s also a valuable tool if you have a new dog and aren’t sure how she will react in a new situation, such as a dog park.

The key, though, is to ensure that the muzzle is seen as a calming tool to your dog and isn’t contributing to or creating anxious energy.

2.Help Others Feel More Relaxed around Your Dog

One problem that aggressive dogs face in rehabilitation is the nervous and fearful energy that people tend to exhibit around them. Certain breeds may also experience this reaction due to stereotyping, whether or not they have ever exhibited aggressive behaviors.

The negative energy that other people give off can actually trigger the aggressive behavior. Avoid “Hannibal Lecter” style muzzles, and instead find a muzzle that sends a positive, more uplifting message to others, like Cesar’s Funny Muzzle. This can help alleviate some of the problem.

3.Help You Feel More Relaxed

An even bigger influence on your dog’s behavior is your own energy. Knowing that your dog is unable to bite due to the muzzle can help you to maintain your calm, assertive energy, particularly if you’re confronting a new situation.

4.Travel Abroad Together

In many countries, dogs of certain sizes or breeds are required to wear a muzzle by law. If you are planning foreign travel with your pup, look into laws in that country, and prepare your dog in advance.

You shouldn’t rely on a muzzle as a solution to any behavioral issue. Seek the help of a canine professional to figure out how it can best fit into your dog’s rehabilitation strategy.

This funny muzzle makes everything better!

I paid full price for this item. If my review was helpful, please indicate so. I’m a housewife and I love feedback that reflects a good job done!

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Moto G5 Plus Hands-on Review

This is not a paid review, I purchase this phone for my business phone. I’m not getting anything from this review. Also, I’m writing this on the new phone so pardon and spelling or grammar errors.



I received this phone approximately one week ago. I’ll start the review today and possibly add to it as I’m between flights.


I’ve been with Sprint for about 16 years and although I have loyalty to them, they have zero loyalty to me. They recently got rid of their two-year contracts with discounted phones because, and I quote, ‘everyone in the industry no longer has that’. Way to be a leader in the space Sprint. So, instead of paying a mortgage payment over two years by leasing or renting, I decided to put my trust in Amazon yet again.

Please also note that my last 3-4 phones were Samsung phones which I loved dearly so my comparison is everything from the Galaxy S3 forward.

SPOILER ALERT – AMAZON came through again, big time by offering this phone to prime members!


So you don’t have to suffer through my Moto G 5 dissertation, the one thing that irritates me – and I did it somewhat on my own, is that I selected a 128 gb micro sd card that came up as an option while I was buying the phone. I did NOT check the specs and shame on me! After installing and formatting it, the Moto G said that the card did not meet its specs. I need to reach out to Amazon to see what can be done because I thought it came up as ‘recommended’ or ‘bought frequently’ but I was moving fast to get it ordered so I probably should have researched more. I would LOVE it if Amazon only showed me what was ‘certified’ for the phone but maybe in the future.


I received the phone in two days being a prime member. I had the basics up and running over WiFi within 20 minutes over WiFi. I played around with it for a bit testing out various features, etc. My first impression was that it seemed like a solid phone but I was going to have to learn the new capabilities.

To fully get the phone set up, I had to get to a Sprint store to get a sim card. While I was there, Ryan was kind enough to transfer over much of my Note 4 content (contacts, text messages, etc.).


Almost Stock Android – I didn’t realize how much tweaking if Android had been done on my Note 4 and previous phones. The stock Android is beautiful and it seems like I’m able to more easily do stuff on this phone. The swype functionality is even more accurate these days and I’ve always loved that capability.

Example: When I receive a text, my notification allows me to reply without jumping over to the text messaging app.


I’ve used fingerprint technology since the early days. The setup and use of the scanner were super easy and I also set up a pin. I used my right thumb because I’m right handed and it’s perfect for unlocking the screen without having to juggle the phone.

After a couple of days, I received a message asking if I wanted to get rid of the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page. By default, when you configure the phone, your navigation is at the bottom of the screen. To be honest it was a bit annoying and took up some screen space. In any case, I chose to use the fingerprint scanner button and eliminate the little icons overlaying the bottom of the screen and it literally changed the entire experience of this phone for the better!

Using the scanner you basically swipe…

– Swiping right brings up all open windows when you are on the main page

– Swiping left in an app like Chrome actually takes you to the previous page, sweet! It essentially works like a ‘back’ button.

– If you keep swiping left, it will eventually take you to the home screen; however, it does not close down or exit the app

This feature alone is worth the switch! And yes, maybe it is on the new Samsung phone but I don’t have the $750+ to drop on a new phone cause this phone rocks! Moving on.


I purchased the 64gb of storage with 4gb of ram. You can look up the specs for details but this phone is quick and responsive! I feel it is way more responsive than the previous Note 4 and more nimble. It’s hard to explain but it just flows with the stock android.


I know this is very myopic but having the volume button and the on/off button on the right side of the phone is really handy. At first, I thought I would be annoyed because they are relatively close together. I’ve realized that this actually makes it easier to use the phone.


The speaker is meh… It works and it is fine. Even with my Note 4, I was bringing a Bluetooth speaker. I do like the fact that it is on the front of the phone, not the back of the phone.


Hopefully, you read this up front but buy a micro sd card that meets the specs. I did not and have to reach out to Amazon to see if I can get a replacement. I’m using the card that the Moto G5 said did not meet its specs and it could cause delays in apps, and other performance issues but so far, so good. I typically only use the additional storage for pictures and videos as I attend a lot of conferences and host workshops where I do video from the phone. I will update later.


So on the plane, I plugged in my headset and my phone spoke to me… I didn’t have the volume up so I unplugged the phone and it came up with a message about giving voice commands to my Moto G5 even if the screen was locked. This is not the first time that the phone and/or the Android software has offered suggestions to me about how I operate the phone and my settings. Maybe that is why I’ve enjoyed this phone so much the first week, it is helping me ‘learn’ and makes suggestions. My Samsung’s of the past have not really done that at least as far as I can remember.


Honestly, I could care less if my phone screen is 4k. This phone btw does NOT have a 4k screen. It is a beautiful screen and everything is crisp and clear. Movies from Netflix look amazing, at least as good as the Note 4 even though the Moto G5 screen is a tad bit smaller, I’m very happy with the screen resolution.


One thing I find interesting is that I can put much more on a page of the Moto G5 screen than I could on my Note 4. Maybe there is a setting I haven’t found yet, but the icons are smaller and it frees up more screen real estate. What I used to have on two ‘pages’ on the Note 4 even with a larger screen, is now on the front page of the Moto G5. It’s a small thing but it makes a difference because now all of my most frequently used apps are on the front or main page.


The Moto G5 Plus comes with gorilla glass, saving me from having to purchase any sort of shield – yes, I am that guy who normally gets a glass shield on his phone. When I learned that the screen was gorilla glass, I was incredibly excited. If you don’t know what gorilla glass can withstand, check out youtube as there are a number of videos including one that tests the Moto G5 phone by hitting it with a number of tools including a hammer! The video I watched by Ramesh Bakotra was almost painful to watch because they were banging away on the screen with a number of tools but the Moto G5 screen held up amazingly with no cracks or breaks or scratches. Check it out, it will make you squirm seeing someone abuse their phone like they did.


Oh, and I’m frugal so I chose to have the Amazon ads show up. Honestly, it is not a big deal at all. I think I saved $60 by having the ads and if I have notifications and my screen is locked, the notifications show up fine. Also, the ad ‘widget’ is on the second ‘page’ of my phone so I rarely see it. Overall, I’d rather save the money and I find myself scrolling through the ads because I know Amazon wants me to buy more…and although I’ve been tempted, I haven’t pulled the trigger on a purchase yet.


Battery life in this first week is more than acceptable. Haven’t had to charge at all during the day and I’ve been using it frequently. I am hopeful that I won’t have battery issues like some of my former Samsung products. After a year with my Note4, I had to purchase an extended battery because the phone was shutting down after 2-3 hours of usage. It appears, although I haven’t done it, that you can replace the battery on a Moto G5 phone but I’m hoping to avoid that scenario.

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Google Pixel Hands-on Review

Google PixelLengthy Review but worth a read.

First pro: and foremost this phone is pretty awesome all around! First con: the device heats up pretty quick when you play heavy games however seems to not get so hot watching Netflix or hulu, tge temperature is about averafe then. Idk uf the heating up from a few minutes of game play is near the alarming temperature or not yet. Gonna do research and compare to my old note device.


I bought this phone “used like new” and the package came as if it were sent from Google with the original box and all the necessary items finely packed as if the phone wasnt used. So kudos to the seller for not lying and semding a phone that was beat up. The charging cable was said to be filed down by the seller to fit with bulky cases but thats def no deal breaker at all because I’m sure ill buy a new cable at some point anyways. The phone was unscratched or damaged and had already been factory reset.


Phone setup was the easiest setup I’ve ever seen on a mobile device personally. There wasnt a self service or cgecking phone status app running in the background knocking out service that I’d have to force close like with my sprint galaxy note 5. There also wasn’t an issue popping in a sim card. Just popped​ in the sim card restarted the device and it connected without an issue or extra ingenuity involved. This is how a phone should be!

On screen:

Being that the phone was manufactured by HTC the srceen looks very much like an htc screen and doesnt get as bright as my note5.


Comparing to my Galaxy note 5 again​, the battery is awesome, much better than my larger battery in my note5 and the software is darn good about shutting down apps that would normally be running in the background unnecessarily. This battery lasts​ me all day and then some. I used to constantly keep power save on 24hrs in attempt to get a decent battery life with my note 5 and any other phone but with the Pixel i actually dont ever feel lile i need it. My battery life is never so horrible that I need to look for ways to save power. I normally get 12hrs out of my battery before really needing a charge. & I purposely try to run out the battery.


The camera is great! Needs a few tweeks to the software but nothing major. I could always download an extra camera apk but i wouldn’t get the same great photos. The software does wonders for the pixels camera especially with video recording. Just would like a few things changed like locking in the brightness setting flash and HDR settings small things like that. Again nothing major.

Speaker & Pure Android Fingerprint scanner:

Plain and simple: the speaker is clear but leaves you looking for more from it but there’s always headphones galore & blutooth speakers to make a better experienc.. The pure android experience is a pretty nice feature within itself without the bloatware and sense overlays from manufacturers. Being the first to get updates is cool too. I also noticed i see a lot more apps in the play store that allow me to downlaod the beta versions before they are officially released so that’s cool. The fingerprint scanner is pretty cool beijg on the back. I prefer it rather than the one on the note5.


Comparing to my note5 again haha: Coverage is waaaay better than my note5. Everything from WiFi range & connection strength of that to the strength of the 2g, 3g, & LTE on my pixel is great. I also get way vetter voice coverage so Im usually at full service amd i can still pickup something in bad areas. The pixel also functions on a much wider ramge of frequencies (hence the better signals / connection strength) so I would say this is a true global phone compared to Samsung devices. I used to love my Galaxy but lately its been tough amd has a bunch of small things I’d like to change which I could by rooting if I wanted. so here I am with my Pixel. Some would say it’s better to wait for the next one but depending on your situation and needs this may be the perfect fit for you.

All in all:

I’m happy with my purchase and look forward to future google phones and I feel like i should have been using them since the Nexus days now haha. I think I may do a review on youtube of this phone some day.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hands-on Review

First impressions of Samsung Galaxy Note 8
First impressions of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung introduced the Note 8 to the world Wednesday, looking to put the recall of the Note 7 behind it once and for all.

I got to spend some time with the new phone. At first glance, the Note 8 seems to put Samsung firmly on the road to redemption. Samsung has not had a new model of its premium phone since 2015 because of the recall. With that said, here are my initial impressions of the phone.

The screen: When you see the Note 8, the most noticeable thing is definitely its display. It runs edge-to-edge in the same way as on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

On a phone as large as this — 6.3-inches — the extra space is even more noticeable. For those upgrading from the last available Note, the added screen real estate is almost eye-popping. I’ve never found bezels particularly annoying, but there is something deeply impressive about seeing a screen of this size with (almost) no border around it.

That gives you plenty of room to play with the Note’s signature stylus, both for handwritten notes and for doodles, such as this one a Samsung representative penned on my portrait.

The screen is set up for multitasking, which is arguably Samsung’s biggest power-user advantage over the iPhone.

Users can set “app pair” shortcuts to quickly open two apps at the same time. So, if you want to have your calendar handy along with your email, you can set a shortcut to have both appear on screen.

The camera

The dual-camera, for me, is the next most notable feature. Samsung’s made several software improvements to make the phone even better at shooting in low-light, getting sharp in a close-up, and staying steady even when your hands are not.

In the pre-briefing, Samsung also had a side-by-side comparison with a “competitor,” — unnamed, but definitely Apple’s iPhone — in a demo designed to make its stabilization software look amazing. With both phones mounted on a vibrating box, the Note 8’s view screen showed barely a wobble as compared to a the super-shaky iPhone. I’ll have to do a test at a later date to see how it plays out the same way in the real world.

Samsung has also worked some software magic on the way the phone’s camera focuses. Thanks to the dual-lens, the Note 8 actually takes a couple of shots with every shutter click. That allows users to edit their photos more comprehensively after the fact — you can change the background blur of a picture, for example, or see the wide-angle view of a close-up shot.


The Note 8 has a dedicated button for Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. The voice assistant is smart in some ways — it can recognize what’s in your photos, for example — but still works with a limited number of apps. Samsung is adding more support, however, including for the music service Spotify.

What I would have liked to see

There are some gripes, of course. The fingerprint reader, which was clumsily placed next to the camera lens, is in the same awkward spot. And the Note is still large and somewhat unwieldy to hold if your hands aren’t that big — though the ability to get more screen real estate out of a device that’s physically smaller helps ease that concern.

Of course, evaluations of the more practical considerations — battery life, speed and daily use — will have to come upon further review when I have more time to spend with the phone.

So who should buy it?

Devotees of the Note line should be very pleased, particularly coming from the Note 5 — Samsung skipped the Note 6 for branding reasons. If you must have that huge screen, the stylus and/or the multitasking features, this is the best option on the market. The Note 8 is the Samsung also slightly squared off the edges of the Note 8 as compared to previous models, which makes the phone much easier to hold than their slippery predecessors.

For those wondering whether the Note 8 will have the similar battery issues as the Note 7, Samsung has said that it learned its lesson and as a result applied new safety standards when making the phone.

This is Samsung’s premium device, and should be thought of in competition with the iPhone 7 Plus, or whatever upcoming Plus model may appear in the fall.

For most, it will be worth a wait to see what Apple has on offer — which also, conveniently, gives the Note 8 time to work out any potential growing pains.

The Note 8 goes on pre-order on August 25, and hits store shelves on Sept. 15. Prices at carriers will vary, based on the way consumers choose to pay for the phone. But, as a sense of the price, buying the phone through AT&T will cost $949.99.

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Huawei Mate 9 Hands-on Review

187998316.jpgThis is one of the Best phones on the Market for 2017 right now. I’m an I.T. Guy but I ill try to keep my review as simple as possible.

First off, the display is lovely, it’s an IPS LCD screen, this by far is not the best screen on the market but Huawei has done a great job in keeping the colors rich and bright. The size of the screen is perfect for watching videos. I spend a lot of time on youtube and other streaming sites and because of the screen I rely on my phone more than my tablet to watch said videos.

The Camera – The camera is a 20 MP Hybrid and it works great,I’m a traveler and I love to take photos where ever I may go. The wide aperture effects is great,it really makes you photos stand out. Night shots is above average and videos do not shake much when moving. The phone does have the option of inserting a micro-sd card so you can expand your storage to save your photos and videos. The front facing camera is an 8 MP and its takes good selfie photos and it has a wide angle view so taking those group selfies is problem free.

The Speaker- The phone has a twin grill however there is only one speaker. This is fine as the speaker performs above average and it can get really loud before it distorts the sound.

The Battery- The Battery is a 4000 mAh. This is one of the most important components of the phone for me. Because of the amount of power it holds I get more than a day of charge, and note I’m an above average user of the phone; wifi,streaming,pics, social media,etc. In addition to the amount of power, the rapid charge technology also is a great addition. Usually I would have to charge my previous phones over night to get a full days charge. But this is not the case with the mate 9. I would leave it to charge for about 30 mins and I’m good for the day.

IR Blaster- This is a great feature. In my bedroom I use 6 remotes and sometimes family members tend to use said remotes and misplace them, with the mate 9 I control my cable box,TV,Stereo, Air-condition and more. So when i get home after a hard day of work I don’t get into arguments for the misplaced remotes, I just whip out my phone select which remote I want and just use it.

Performance – Since I got this phone I have no issues with performance , I never experienced any lag, overall performance has been fluid.

Like everything else, there is a few cons:

– Having a big screen means having to use both hands to use the phone, but there is a feature that helps with that. The screen can be shrunk to the left or the right for one hand operation.

– A bigger screen also means a bigger surface that can get scratches. I strongly recommend a screen protector or a temper glass to protect from scratches and cracks.

– Another issue with the screen is that because of its size it feels awkward in the hand when in a horizontal position for screen typing


I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a Phablet that can give you more than a day of battery life and also requires a good camera. Overall this is a great phone and I highly recommend it.


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Oneplus 5 Hands-on Review

Oneplus 5 ReviewGet phones that don’t completely work and speak to support that don’t completely have technical skills that also don’t completely believe your issues and offers next to no troubleshooting steps. This results in your issues never being resolved and then getting stuck with a phone that doesn’t completely function. Buy from that company again because you want to support their ’cause’ Then get treated like a liar again. So you just pay money to return the new phone that has the same issues.

I bought a oneplus 5 because I thought I may have better luck with it than I did with the oneplus 3 that I bought a year or so ago. I currently still have that oneplus 3 and am typing this review on it. It has mild battery issues, and no matter the APN settings I have tried- I cannot get over 4.4Mbps on ATTs LTE network. These aren’t huge issues as I generally dont need the higher speeds and carrying a charge isn’t a huge burden. But id prefer to not have these issues.

I bought the oneplus 5 hoping that these issues would no longer be present. I was wrong. I bought from Oneplus again because I liked what I thought oneplus stood for.

The OP5 will also never hit over 4.4 Mbps even standing in an ATT building- right next to my girlfriends iphone thats getting 15-25Mbps. The OP5 also gets about the same battery life to my OP3, try to browse the internet for 40 minutes in the morning with the screen set to almost unreadably dim and you’ll go from 100 to 70%. Then see where you are right after lunch. It gets tight sometimes on your way home.

Though none of this is really my issue or why I choose to give this phone two stars.

I had contacted oneplus numerous times to resolve these issues with my oneplus 3. They will not let you speak to a technician. You will interface with their techs through a non-technical tier 1 associate. Basically a person who can read a script and handle typing what a person says and relaying it to the next tier. They were very nice but you never apeak with anyone with actual technical knowledge. Communication with them was slow and I remember they beat around the bush and really offered no answers and would tell me they were aware of these issues and new updates were in the works that would fix them. no update have fixed the issues and I would have most likely returned the OP3 but went past the returnable date due to promises that were never corrected. Then it was “send it to us at your cost and we will see if your issue is covered under warranty” which means I’m without a phone for weeks and may end up paying for whatever they do to the phone. This I could not do. No other options were offered or rendered and I just dealt with my choices on the OP3.

So this time around with the OP5 its the same song and dance. Non-technical associate wanting me to send an email so they can then forward that email to the techs who will then send them an email back with the same answer “were workin on it.”

There are no real troubleshooting steps offered besides suggesting a factory reset and clearing of app data. Which makes no sense on a brand new phone, though I did with no positive result.

Though yet again, this still isn’t what got me the most.

They started by asking me for screenshots.

Before they ever offered me troubleshooting. They needed screenshots of my APN settings and also proof of the speedtest from 2 apps. To me this is their failure.

They are basically calling me a liar.

I begged for some settings documentation or something that I could go through and checksum and troubleshoot on my own- instead of weeks of emailing.

Then I offered numerous times to go through the APN settings with them right then on the phone or to link them the page I obtained my settings from. They needed actual screenshots from me.

My initial response is that I could easily send them anyones screenshots and they’d never know the difference, so whats the point?

To me, they were (knowing or unknowingly) doing the same thing they had done to me before. Which is in my opinion to wear me down to the point that I just give in or give up.

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HUAWEI Mate 9 Hands-on Review

I just received this phone today and switched from Verizon to AT&T to get it to work. I had no issues with SIM cards or setup. I will give a quick impression now and then update later after I’ve spent some time with it. Out of the box, externally it looks beautiful. I love the metal back and the dark color. The screen is huge with very small bezels. I’m used to 2k screens but the 1080 on this phone looks so crisp I barely notice the difference. The software seems pretty well optimized. I was able to switch launchers easily. I had some issues with their backup software so I just manually did everything through google. Very little lag and everything opens immediately. The camera is very fun to use and has a lot of features to play with.


*Weekend Update*

After spending the weekend with the phone I am still very happy with my purchase.

The battery life is great compared to my old phone. I play Clash Royale and check it frequently for texting and social media and snapchat and I can easily get through the day without having to charge it. There is very little drain while the phone is idle also, which is nice. As long as you don’t leave a ton of apps open constantly. They have a function that alerts you to background processes using up heavy battery, but it can get a little frustrating with Facebook and Spotify. Those two apps will constantly restart themselves in the background to refresh info, so I’d say once every hour or so I get a warning alerting me to close background apps that aren’t physically running on the phone. The app itself is killed there is just a process running. Would be nice to be able to permanently lock the Facebook app from reopening itself, but I don’t so much blame the phone for that as I do Facebook developers.

Performance is still great. With past phones they tend to heat up when using games, even right out of the box, but the Mate can handle everything I threw at it with no lag. I tested Clash Royale, the new Roller Coaster Tycoon port, and Non-stop Knight. No problems across the board.

I noticed the notifications do not appear on your lock screen by default, like not even an icon saying you have a notification. You have to go into each app in the settings individually and select which appear on the lock screen. Otherwise without unlocking it you have no way of knowing you have a message besides the LED. So it can be fixed you just have to take the time to do it. Speaking of unlocking the phone the fingerprint reader is phenomenal. I’ve never used a backside reader before so I figured it would be weird getting used to, but this fingerprint reader is so quick it to me no time at all to adjust. You don’t have to click to turn the screen on at all you just tap your finger on the reader quick with the screen completely black and it will unlock to your home screen instantly. Also there is feature that you can swipe on the reader to scroll through pictures or to bring down the settings screen which I think is pretty cool. Finally you can double click the volume down button to instantly take a picture from the lock screen. Again this happens almost immediately, it’s one of my favorite features so far.

I changed my rating to 5 stars for now because I do love the time I’ve spent with the phone. I’ll probably update again after about a month, and definitely after they push the Alexa update that is supposed to be coming. Until then, enjoy if you decide to buy! It’s a great deal!

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Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headphones Review

First off, I BOUGHT these earbuds at full price of $24.99. In fact I bought two (explained below). I did not get these at a discount or for free in return for my review… what I say below is totally spontaneous and true, no gilded edges, no embellishment, no BS.

Xiaomi Mi Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Disclaimer: THE NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW ABOUT ANY EARBUD is how to get the proper seal within your ear. This is done by selecting the best fitting “gasket” from the different sizes furnished. You must have the tightest fit possible without causing discomfort. If you choose one that is comfy because it is too small, you lose your bass response and they don’t stay in your ears as well. Size them with care and diligence so you get a tight seal but not so tight they hurt… there’s your bass. It’s true of any earbuds.

NOTICE: I have tried to explain in two places below how to put these in your ear. People who don’t read instructions or reviews will never catch on, but make sure you DO read it. I put one of the explanations at the very end of the review so it’s easy to find without reading all of the long winded review.

Bought these for my wife. Paired up instantly (once I’d read the tiny instructions). Listened for 5 minutes and ordered a pair for myself. Best buds I’ve ever heard, and I have MANY. Bass rocks (if you have one and it hasn’t got bass, you don’t have them in your ears properly). Absolutely clear, phone works perfectly by pausing the music and announcing the number calling you. Volume and fwd/back will take some practice, but they do work. Range is about 7 meters, but that’s fine because the phone can stay in my pocket or on the table/desk. When using it with my desktop computer, if I get up from my computer desk and walk out the door, through the MBR and into the kitchen, it starts reporting “Out of range” intermittently until i get far into the kitchen. When I get to the coffee maker, the signal is gone, but it returns as I am walking back through the bedroom to the office. If it’s a football game, at least I keep up with most of what’s happening… if it’s an action movie, I just pause it before I go for coffee.

My wife will use these for her million calls a day and listen to music on her two phones… wirelessly. For me it is more complicated because I watch TV entirely on my computer, plus I use e-cigs… so I have toooo many wires at my desk. This will UNcomplicate that situation.


1. They will be hard to insert into your ears the first few times, then you will learn the positioning. Put the Xiaomi lighted bud into the right ear, wire pointing down, the other into the left. Lock by holding the little horns, then pull the horns forward until the wing tab goes under the big lumps at the bottom of your ears… you will feel when it is in the right place. The wing tabs are flexible, so it’s easy to remove the buds without hurting the buds or your ears, and if you somehow snag the wire it’s not locked so tight it hurts when the bud pops out of your ear. They are just enough so that movements when doing things like jogging or exercise don’t easily dislodge them. I like this system better than the big wings used by most earbud manufacturers.

2. Opening the charging port is hard at first… just dig your nail into the top and pull it upward. I keep a little jeweler’s screwdriver near the usb charge source that I can carefully stick under the bottom edge in case my nails have been filed too short.


1. Instead of the little switch for volume and skip forward/back having tiny braille bumps, please put a large enough spike or tab on it so it’s easy to find and press up or down.

2. The cover for the charging port is very difficult sometimes. I’m hoping it will get easier, but I worry that I will get so frustrated I actually pull the thing off. It shouldn’t be hard to make it thick enough to get a thumbnail under the bottom edge… possibly even a little groove there to help get a grip on it.

You are not likely to be unsatisfied with these MAGNIFICENT Bluetooth Buds. I am totally tickled with them.

UPDATE 6/14/16: Six months later I have a lot to say, but I’ll boil it down as much as possible. My wife never became fond of her pair because she only used them with her phone and decided the advantages over her wired set was not enough to warrant the hassle of the Bluetooth. As for me, I use these daily, probably an average of 3 hours a day, because we both use our computers here in the office and sometimes don’t want to have to hear whatever the other is doing. MY SET IS STILL JUST AS GOOD AS THE DAY I BOUGHT IT! I have no issues at all with it. Plus now, of course, I have a backup set since my wife doesn’t use hers… but I have yet to need it. For me, this headset is a great liberator, great sound, ability to get up and move around the room, answer calls, watch movies on my desktop PC, etc.


1. The earbud with the lights on the back goes in the RIGHT ear.

2. Look at the angle of the output spout that goes into your ear. That should be inserted so that it points toward the FRONT of the ear.

3. Look at the plastic retaining loop IN THE PICTURE here on Amazon. It is pointing toward the rear and just a little up… maybe at 10 o’clock.

4. Insert the output spout into your ear CANAL as deeply as is comfortable. The soft white plastic cushion should make good contact in the ear canal. If it is loose, put in a bigger one from the ones supplied. If it is too tight or uncomfortable, put in a smaller one. Having the best fit is very important for bass response.

5. ROTATE the units FORWARD so that the loop at the back goes behind the big lump at the bottom of the ear… this is what provides a little protection to keep them in place. By “forward” I mean the horn that has the wire coming out goes forward, which would be clockwise for the left ear and counterclockwise for the right ear.

With these installed as above, I can nod or shake my head as hard as my brain can stand and they NEVER fall out. Running has never caused them to come out. Maybe different ears are made differently, but the system seems simple and effective to me.

Good Luck… I love mine.

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